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Switch to Paperless eBill!


Our 2018 eBill Contest is now over; December 3, 2018, we drew for two lucky winners, each winning a $250 credit on their December 2018 utility bill!

Merle & David Burchill, and Sandy McNiven chose to go paperless with eBill, and their greener choice made for even happier holidays!

Thanks to all utility customers who have chosen eBill! Customers already on eBill were automatically entered into the 2018 eBill Contest.
 Official Contest Rules

Make the switch to the convenience of eBill!

  • eBill is quick, easy to use, and secure
  • eBill allows you to have 24/7 access to your utility account history, and your current consumption charges
  • you receive an email notification when your bill is ready 
  • eBill helps to reduce your paper clutter, and the need to file or recycle old bill

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