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Residential Inspections

Inspections for residential building permits are required at specific stages of construction. Follow-up inspections may be required, depending on the scale of the project. To determine how many stages and what type of inspections your project requires, please see Residential Inspection Stages.

Book a Residential Inspection

Book your residential building inspection and view your inspection reports online.

Book A Residential Inspection

Commercial Inspections

For commercial projects, Building Inspectors work with the contractor, owner, and/or site personnel to arrange cyclical inspections. Inspections are booked with the building inspector assigned to your project.

Book a Commercial Inspection

  1. Call 306-975-7924
  2. Make your inspection request prior to 3:00 pm for an inspection the next business day.
  3. Before you request an inspection, you must have a valid, open building permit. You must provide the building permit number and project address when calling for an inspection.