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Business License Categories

Every business in Saskatoon requires a business license.  The type of business license you need depends on the business operation and its location. This allows us to apply appropriate regulations to businesses where there is a potential for negative impacts on the community.

Aside from the business license, there are often additional requirements that must be met so it is important that make sure you are aware of all applicable regulations.

Business licenses are location-specific and a separate license for each location from which you operate is required. Some exemptions may apply. 

License Categories:


All businesses operating from commercial and industrial zoned properties in Saskatoon require a City of a Saskatoon Commercial Business License.

Home Based

The standards for home based businesses are intended to seek a balance between supporting a quiet, safe, and aesthetic residential environment while supporting the aspirations of home based entrepreneurs.

Non-resident Businesses

Adult Services

The City of Saskatoon has been licensing Adult Service related businesses since July, 2012.


Different orders of government and government agencies are responsible for different aspects of cannabis legalization, regulation and enforcement.  The City of Saskatoon is responsible for regulations related to land use and business activity within the city.  

Day Cares

An establishment providing for the care, supervision, protection or support of individuals, but does not include the provision of overnight supervision. The City of Saskatoon does not require a business license for the operation of a Day Care or Day Care, Residential.

Mobile Food Truck

The City of Saskatoon licenses the operation of mobile food trucks and trailers both on and off public streets. Food trucks operating on public streets are regulated under the Mobile Food Truck Policy.

Mobile Vending Carts

Businesses selling beverages, food or other products from stationary stands, kiosks or mobile units on public sidewalks require a City of Saskatoon Mobile Vendor License.

Residential Care Homes

The following is designed to familiarize prospective operators of Residential Care Homes with the City’s Zoning Bylaw requirements. The City of Saskatoon does not require a business license for the operation of a Care Home.

Short-Term Accommodations

Learn more about the licensing requirements for short-term accommodations and hostels in Saskatoon.

Sidewalk Cafes & Parking Patios

The City of Saskatoon Business License Program licenses all food and beverage businesses wishing to extend their premises onto City property.

Taxis & Transportation Network Companies

The City of Saskatoon licenses the operation of vehicle for hire services, such as taxis and ridesharing in order to ensure compliance with Bylaw No. 9651, the Vehicle for Hire Bylaw.