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Safegrowth CPTED Review Committee

The City of Saskatoon has  adopted and is applying the  principles of Crime Prevention  Through Environmental Design  (CPTED) to ensure a process  of safe growth in the city.  The  city has embedded safety as a  fundamental value in the  Official Community Plan (OCP)  and identified a set of CPTED  principles to achieve this.    These principles are applied to  most civic structures, facilities  and developments.

Safe Growth - CPTED Review Committee

The responsibilities of the  CPTED Review Committee are  to review all new or major  renovations affecting City of  Saskatoon structures,  facilities,  and developments  with any public access or  assembly potential or the  potential to put the public or  employees at risk by its'  design.  Each project is  reviewed and the principles of  CPTED, as adopted by City  Council, are applied to the  design.  The following project  (s) are reviewed by the   Committee:

Neighbourhood Concept Plans and Amendments  

All neighbourhood Concept Plans and Amendments shall be reviewed by the CPTED Review Committee for conformance with the principles of CPTED through the existing approval process.  Responses to the CPTED Review Committee comments must accompany the application for final approval.

Civic Structures, Facilities and Developments

All new or major renovations affecting City of Saskatoon structures,  facilities, and developments with any public access or assembly  potential or the potential to put the public or employees at risk by its  design, shall conform to the principles of CPTED as determined by the  CPTED Review Committee through a formal review.

Private Development Intended for Future Civic Ownership

Privately designed development which is intended to become City of  Saskatoon property shall conform to the principles of CPTED as  determined by the CPTED Review Committee through a formal review  (e.g. parks designed by developers). To submit a project for review, please complete the Application Form.  

A typical Review includes a review of the plans, an analysis of the  project from a CPTED perspective, a site visit if appropriate, review of  the crime statistics, demographics of the area, and any other information  the proponent supplies, and public consultation if appropriate.  The  CPTED review meetings allow for discussion with the proponent,  discussion of the principles of CPTED and their application within the  interdisciplinary group, and a thorough review of possible solutions and  recommendations.  A report is then submitted to the proponent with  recommendations from the CPTED Review Committee.  

The Core CPTED Review Committee consists of trained staff from the  Community Services Department (Community Development Branch and  Planning and Development Branch), Saskatoon Police Service,  Saskatoon Light & Power, and Infrastructure Services Department (Parks  Branch, Municipal Engineering Branch, and Transportation Branch).  Depending on the project under review there may also be trained staff  invited from the Community Services Department, Utility Services  Department, Infrastructure Services Department, and Fire and Protective  Services.  All members of the CPTED Review Committee have been  trained in Safe Growth and the principles of CPTED.  The committee is  chaired by the Neighbourhood Safety Coordinator position which is  resident in the Neighbourhood Planning Section, Planning and  Development Branch Of the Community Services Department.  


All CPTED Review Meetings are held in Committee Room E, City Hall, starting at 1:30pm.

2016 Meeting Dates: January 13th, February 4th, March 3rd, April 7th, May 5th, June 2nd, July 7th, August 4th, September 1st, October 6th, November 3rd, and December 1st.

Deadline for submissions is two weeks in advance of meeting date.