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Address Map

To use the interactive map found below, simply click on an area and the name of the neighbourhood will appear. You can also expand the map and search by address. Some of the larger neighbourhoods are broken down in to 2 or 3 sections. 

Address Maps


If you are having difficulty finding a specific neighbourhood, please refer to the City of Saskatoon Key Map.

Disclaimer: The Research and Information Resource Centre, City Planning Branch, developed this mapping system. The City of Saskatoon City Planning Branch takes all efforts to keep this data as accurate as possible. Please refer to the date located at the bottom of each map for the most current version. This data is for reference purposes only. Please contact the City Planning - Research and Information Resource Centre (975-2645) if you are intending to use this data for legal purposes. Please do not copy and disseminate this information without the consent of the Planning and Development - Mapping and Research Section.