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Culture Plan


Saskatoon’s municipal Culture Plan was approved by City Council on September 12, 2011. The Culture Plan outlines the role that the City of Saskatoon can play in culture and serves as a planning and investment guide.

Since adopting the Culture Plan in 2011 the City has grown and changed. The Remai Modern Art Gallery is now open, work is underway on the new home for the Children’s Discovery Museum in the Mendel building, new festivals and culture activities are on the rise, and Saskatoon is seen as one of the youngest and fastest growing cities in Canada.

In the summer of 2017 the City embarked on a Culture Plan Refresh to take stock of the progress made in implementing the 2011 Culture Plan, and to ensure that the Plan adapts to changing social, economic, and cultural landscape environments.

The Culture Plan Refresh is not an entirely new cultural plan or a fundamental rethinking of cultural planning and development in the city. Rather, the new Plan builds on and updates the 2011 Culture Plan so that it remains a relevant and responsive guide over the next five years.

On the recommendation of the consultants, the Culture Plan Refresh rolls the 2011 Plan’s six strategic directions into three key directions:

  1. Build a Resilient Culture Sector
  2. Grow the Creative Cultural Economy
  3. Foster Creative Placemaking

Culture Plan Implementation Refresh 2018 to 2022 

Cultural Investment Reports

The City of Saskatoon has participated in two reports on Cultural Investments:

  • Cultural Investments by the City of Saskatoon (a study on direct cultural investments by seven Canadian municipalities from 2009 - 2012)
  • Indirect Cultural Investments (a study on indirect cultural investments by eight Canadian municipalities in 2016)

Cultural Investments by the City of Saskatoon

Summary Indirect Cultural Investments 

Indirect Cultural Investments Saskatoon