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Residential Snow Clearing

Update - November 19, 2020

Over the past week, snow crews prioritized improving mobility on residential streets in 65 neighbourhoods across our city. Crews are returning to residential streets that continue to present drivability challenges and streets that were inadvertently missed in residential neighbourhoods. 

Please check back regularly for the most recent updates.

What you can expect from us

  1. Clearing of residential driving lanes.
  2. Crews returning to streets that were missed or present drivability challenges. 
  3. When we see new snowfall, crews will need to prioritize the highest traffic streets as usual.
  4. Large and obstructive piles of snow will be removed in the weeks ahead.

 How you can help us

  1. Where possible, move your vehicle off the street to make room for equipment.
  2. Clear the sidewalks around your home, moving snow onto your property and not the street.
  3. If a friend or neighbour gets plowed in, help them if you're able to.
  4. Keep kids from building tunnels through snow piles; the piles can collapse, and the weight of that snow could be very dangerous.

More Information

What does residential clearing look like? 

Residential streets were cleared in response to the severe winter snowstorm event that left many residential streets impassable for light vehicles.  The intent of residential clearing is to make the road drivable. Crews are also going to back lanes to level out the snow or pack it down to improve mobility.

Going forward, now that all residential streets have been cleared, the City will continue to follow the service level of initiating snow clearing on residential streets when rutting reaches 15 cm (6”) in depth. Residential streets are not cleared after every snowfall; only once rutting is impeding mobility. 

We ask that residents do not push snow from driveways and sidewalks back onto the streets as this creates accessibility issues for you and your neighbours. 

Will the City come back to my neighbourhood to remove the snow piles?

Snow removal, which involves loading the snow into trucks for disposal, has already commenced on high priority roadways and in the Business Improvement Districts.  Removal on residential streets is expected to start towards the end of November. This work will take several weeks to complete based on several factors including the availability of contractors.

What if my street was missed or remains undrivable after crews were here?

Crews are returning to residential streets that continue to present drivability challenges and streets that were inadvertently missed in residential neighbourhoods. If your street doesn't have a drivable lane, please call the Customer Care Centre at 306-975-2476.

Is the City addressing safety issues presented by piles of snow interfering with sight lines, etc.?

Crews are addressing key safety issues such as covered crosswalks and piles at intersections or other locations where they interfere with sight lines.

The City is also continuing to remove snow piles off priority roads. This is important as these piles could drift into driving lanes if we see high winds or significant snowfall.

Parking space is limited on my street; is the City going to address this issue?

Snow removal efforts over the next several weeks will attempt to maximize the availability of on-street parking in front of houses. Thank-you for your patience.

What if the street clearing left my vehicle surrounded in snow?

Piles of snow left on streets after snow clearing (referred to as windrows) will vary by neighbourhood. This is because it's dependent on the street’s width and amount of accumulated snow.  We will endeavour to use alternate storage areas and minimize windrows. 

There may be snow pushed against your driveway or vehicle. This snow can be difficult to move so, if you're unable, please contact the Customer Care Centre at 306-975-2476. Note that, snow crews are returning to some streets for clean-up work.

Will the City declare a parking ban along snow routes?

If the windrows become problematic along snow routes, a parking ban could be called on these roads. The City won't declare this ban until there is adequate alternate parking available.

How long does it take the City to clear public sidewalks?

The City endeavours to clear public sidewalks within 24-48 hours of a snowfall. The amount of snow we received during this winter storm has resulted in this effort taking more time.

Why aren't the sidewalks in my neighbourhood clear?

It’s the responsibility of residents to clear the sidewalks around their home. Please help us communicate this expectation in a respectful manner. 

We ask that residents not move snow onto the cleared streets. 

In some cases, City snow clearing in residential areas has resulted in snow spilling onto neighbourhood sidewalks. Crews will return to remove problem snow piles, which will help this situation. In the meantime, while not ideal, we encourage you to remove the snow from your sidewalk if you can.

When will the crosswalks be cleared?

Crews are in the process of clearing obstructed crosswalks. In many locations there is insufficient space to pile these significant volumes of snow, and snow removal crews need to be deployed to address these areas. Due to the volume of issues like this, it will take some time to address all locations.

There is no need to report these issues to us but, if a resident has accessibility challenges and needs a route cleared to ensure access to essential services, please contact our Customer Care Centre at 306-975-2476. We will prioritize a response team to address the issue.

Will my garbage and recycling be picked up?

As the City continues to clean up after the severe winter storm, our crews are making every attempt to perform scheduled collections. Cart accessibility on some streets and back lanes will be a determining factor, so please place your cart in front or 4 feet to the side of all snowbanks (not on top or behind). Click here to view collection updates and sign up for cart reminders. 

How do I let the City know my garbage or recycling bin was missed?

If you placed your cart correctly and on time, but it still wasn't collected, please call 306-975-2486 for garbage or 306-242-2300 for recycling.

Are Saskatoon Transit and Access Transit operating as usual?

Saskatoon Transit has resumed normal operations and is available to get residents where they need to go. Consult the real-time app Transit or Google Maps Transit on desktop or for route information and service alerts. 

Access Transit is also back to normal operations, though some pick-up / drop-off locations are being adjusted due to accessibility.

Neighbourhood Clearing Schedule

Current Residential Focus

The city-wide residential clearing, as indicated in the schedule below, was completed on Nov. 17th. Crews are now addressing missed streets or streets where drivability challenges persist.

If your street does not have a drivable lane, and you're uncertain whether it's been reported, please call 306-975-2476.

Day  Neighbourhoods
Wed. Nov 11th  Kensington, Stonebridge
Thu. Nov 12th  Evergreen, Brighton, Rosewood, Eastview,  Montgomery, Silverwood Heights, Holiday Park
Fri. Nov. 13th Dundonald, Wildwood,  Buena Vista, Mayfair, Lakeridge, Hampton Village, Arbor Creek, Erindale, King George, Silverspring
Sat. Nov. 14th  Meadowgreen, River Heights, Forest Grove, Nutana, Massey Place, Willowgrove, Adelaide/Churchill, Fairhaven, Caswell Hill 
Sun. Nov. 15th  Sutherland, Queen Elizabeth, Riversdale, Kelsey Woodlawn, Aspen Ridge, Nutana Suburban Centre, College Park East, Pleasant Hill, City Park, College Park, Varisty View, Pacific Heights, Richmond Heights, Grosvenor Park, Haultain, Hudson Bay Park, Exhibition, Lawson Heights, Parkridge, Brevoort Park, Avalon
Mon. Nov. 16th  The Willows,  Westmount, Briarwood, Greystone Heights, Lakeview, Mount Royal, North Park, Westview, Blairmore Suburban Centre, Nutana Park, Lakewood Suburban Centre, Lawson Heights Suburban Centre, University Heights Suburban Centre, Holliston
Tue. Nov. 17th  Confederation Suburban Centre, Confederation Park