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Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons

Red Cross Swim Program

Red Cross Swim Preschool (ages 4-36 months)

Red Cross Swim Preschool is an eight-level program that allows your children, aged four months to five years, to enter levels based on their age and abilities. Each level is built around an aquatic animal theme and has its own mascot, which will make learning engaging and fun for young children. A parent or caregiver* will participate in the classes together with their child. Progression is based on participation and age. Click here to view the lesson level descriptions. Visit Leisure Online or the seasonal Leisure Guide for class times.

*Beginning in July parents/caregivers will no longer be required to participate in Red Cross preschool programs for children ages 3 and up (Sea Otter, Salamander, Sunfish, Crocodile and Whale). 

Red Cross Swim Kids (ages 6+)

Red Cross Swim Kids is a 10-level program for children ages six and up that will help swimmers develop all five swimming strokes (front and back crawl, elementary back stroke, breast stroke and sidestroke), actively learn how to be safe around the water and increase their fitness and endurance through fun activities. Children will be challenged to achieve personal best in distance and time, which will be a strong motivator through all 10 levels. Red Cross Swim Kids teaches more than swimming skills – it allows kids to strive for and reach their personal best. Progression is based on skill evaluation. Click here to view the lesson level descriptions. Visit Leisure Online or the seasonal Leisure Guide for class times.

* Swim Kids Levels 1-4 currently require a parent in the water.  Beginning in July these levels will return to unparented.  
Click here to view the transfer chart for Red Cross Swim Preschool to Red Cross Swim Kids.

Red Cross Adult Swim 

Red Cross Adult Swim Lessons are designed to meet the needs of adults and adolescents. The lessons focus on basic swim skills as well as stroke and skill enhancement.​ Click here to view the lesson level descriptions. Visit Leisure Online or the seasonal Leisure Guide for class times.

Additional Swim Lesson Options

The City of Saskatoon also offers Private, Semi-Private, Family and Stroke Improvement Lessons. Refer to the seasonal Leisure Guide for more information. 

Swim Lesson Registration

Registration for Fall swim lessons opened on Sunday, August 21 at 6:00 p.m. Registration is available by logging into to your account on, or by calling any Leisure Centre.  All swimming lessons are listed in the Leisure Guide and online at For more information on the registration process, visit Registered Programs.


Transition to Lifesaving Society Canada Swim Programs in 2023

The Canadian Red Cross announced on January 12, 2022 it will be winding down its swim and lifeguard programming at the end of the year. The City of Saskatoon will continue to offer swim programs; and opportunities for residents will not be affected. Red Cross is encouraging and supporting the City of Saskatoon and all other training providers in transitioning its swimming, lifeguarding and aquatic leadership programs to the Lifesaving Society Canada. 


This change does not impact the lifeguarding program.  All lifeguards employed and trained by the City of Saskatoon are already being trained in the Lifesaving Society Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and National Lifeguard awards.  The Red Cross will continue to offer its First-Aid program. Its standard First-Aid & CPR-C/AED  will continue to be an acceptable First-Aid certificate and valid prerequisite for National Lifeguard programs.

Preschool, swim kids and adult swim program participants’ previous Red Cross certification will transfer to the new corresponding certifications. 

The City of Saskatoon will continue to offer Red Cross swim programs until the end of 2022 and Lifesaving Society Swim for Life programs will be introduced January, 2023. Updates on the transition will continue to be made available on this webpage and in the seasonal Leisure Guide. Or click here, to subscribe to receive timely updates delivered to your inbox.