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Traffic Calming Projects - 2021 Construction

Thirty-nine Saskatoon neighbourhoods will benefit from permanent construction of more than 150 traffic calming installations this summer, including curb extensions, median islands and location-specific traffic calming measures (PDF - examples on page 24). These projects were identified over the past several years through Neighbourhood Traffic Reviews or other traffic safety assessments to address concerns. Many of these locations already have temporary measure that will be replace by permanent infrastructure.

Funding for these projects is through Saskatchewan’s Municipal Economic Enhancement Program ($3.325 million) and the City's Neighbourhood Traffic Review Permanent Installations program.

2021 Projects

Search your address in the Road Restrictions & Construction Projects iMap for project details in your area or learn more about Construction. NOTE: Locations are subject to change.


Wilson Crescent & Macdermid Crescent / Cairns Avenue

Wilson Crescent & MacKenzie Crescent / Brown Crescent


Glasgow Street & MacEachern Avenue

Glasgow Street & Turner Avenue

Wilson Crescent & Harrison Crescent (north and south)

Brevoort Park

Arlington Avenue & Early Drive

Buena Vista

Eastlake Avenue & 2nd Street

Eastlake Avenue & 4th Street

Eastlake Avenue & 6th Street

Melrose Avenue & 1st Street

Melrose Avenue & 3rd Street

Melrose Avenue & 5th Street

Melrose Avenue & 6th Street

Victoria Avenue & 6th Street

Caswell Hill

Avenue F & 31st Street

College Park & East College Park

Balfour Street & Harrington Street

Boychuk Drive & Laval Crescent (East)

Boychuk Drive & McMaster Crescent / Waterloo Crescent (East)

Boychuk Drive & McMaster Crescent / Waterloo Crescent (West)

Boychuk Roundabout

Carleton Drive & Acadia Drive


George Road & Wedge Road

Latrace Road & Flavelle Crescent (north)

Latrace Road & Robinson Crescent (south)

Latrace Road & Wedge Road

Eastview & Nutana Suburban Centre

Arlington Avenue & 1100 East Centre

Arlington Avenue & 1800 Easthill

Arlington Avenue & 2300 Easthill

Arlington Avenue & 2700 Eastview

Arlington Avenue & 3100 Eastview

Arlington Avenue & Louise Street

Erindale & Arbor Creek

Beckett Green (north) & Kenderdine Road

Beckett Green (south) & Beckett Green

Bentham Crescent (south) & Kenderdine Road

Cowley Road & Kerr Road

Forsyth Way & Cowley Road

Kucey Crescent (east) & Kenderdine Road

Kucey Crescent (west) & Kenderdine Road

Rogers Court & Rogers Road

Steiger Crescent / Forsyth Crescent & Kenderdine Road

Stodoloa Court & Kenderdine Road

Wickenden Crescent & Rogers Road


Clancy Drive & Fairmont Drive

Fairmont Drive & Circle Drive off-ramp

Fairmont Drive & Forrester Road

Forrester Road & Olmstead Road

Pendygrasse Road in front of St. Mark School

Forest Grove

Berini Drive & Rogers Road

Gray Avenue & Cruise Street

Gray Avenue & James Street

Rossmo Road & Bradwell Avenue

Rossmo Road & Pitt Avenue

Grosvenor Park

14th Street & Bate Crescent

14th Street & Leslie Avenue

Copland Crescent, midblock in front of Misbah School

Lake Crescent & Leslie Avenue

Leslie, between Garrison Crescent and Copland Crescent 

Hampton Village

East Hampton Boulevard & Korol Crescent

Hampton Circle & East Hampton Boulevard

Hampton Circle & Hampton Gate North

Hampton Circle & Klassen Crescent / Dawson Crescent

Hampton Circle & West Hampton Boulevard

McClocklin Road & McKague Crescent

McClocklin Road & Sumner Crescent

McClocklin Road & West Hampton Boulevard

Richardson Road & 37th Street 

Richardson Road & McClocklin Road

West Hampton Boulevard & Geary Crescent

Hudson Bay Park

Avenue I & 34th Street


Emmeline Road & Swan Crescent (west)

Emmeline Road (at midblock crosswalk)

Nemeiben Road & Brudell Road

Nemeiben Road & Smoothstone Crescent (East)

Nemeiben Road & Waterbury Road


Kingsmere Boulevard & Wakaw Crescent

Massey Place

Massey Drive & Northumberland Avenue

Milton Street & Northumberland Avenue

Northumberland Avenue & Mackie Crescent (south)

Northumberland Avenue / Moore Place - McKay Place

Mayfair & Kelsey-Woodlawn

34 Street & Avenue E 

Mount Royal

Avenue W & Rylston Road 

Montreal Avenue & 23rd Street

North Park & Richmond Heights

Balmoral Street & 8th Avenue


9th Street closure (at Lorne Avenue)

18th Street & University Drive

Temperance Street & Lansdowne Avenue 

Temperance Street / Lansdowne Avenue & 14th Street


McCormack Road & Needham Crescent (East) / Fairburn Court

Queen Elizabeth & Exhibition

Eastlake Avenue & Adelaide Street

Eastlake Avenue & Hilliard Street

Eastlake Avenue & Maple Street

Herman Avenue & Isabella Street

St. George Avenue & Ruth Street

St. Henry Avenue & Hilliard Street

River Heights

Assiniboine Drive & Albany Crescent

Assiniboine Drive & Nahanni Drive

Assiniboine Drive & St. Lawrence Crescent

Churchill Drive & Ravine Drive / Ravine Court

Pembina Avenue & Spadina Crescent

Ravine Drive & Churchill Court


19th Street & Avenue F

Spadina Crescent & 17th Street

Spadina Crescent & Avenue C

Spadina Crescent & Avenue D

Spadina Crescent & Avenue E


Garvie Road & McWillie Avenue

Garvie Road & Scissons Crescent

Konihowski Road & Haslam Place / McWillie Avenue

Konihowski Road & Rever Road

Rever Road & Haslam Crescent / Fairbrother Crescent (South and North)

Silverwood Heights

Adilman Drive & Neusch Crescent (West) / Egnatoff Crescent (West)

Goerzen Street & Nordstrum Road

Molloy Street & Bain Crescent (West) / Kindrachuk Crescent (West)

Russell Road & Girgulis Crescent (north)

Silverwood Road & O'Brien Crescent (East) / A.E. Adams Crescent (West)

Silverwood Road & Whiteswan Drive

Whiteswan Drive & A.E. Adams Crescent Walkway (West)

Whiteswan Drive & Wastewater Treatment Plant access


Galloway Road & McIntosh Street

Gordon Road & MacInnes Street / Holmes Crescent

Hunter Road & Rempel Manor

Hunter Road & Teal Crescent

Pringle Crescent & Pringle Lane

Stonebridge Common & Brainerd Crescent

Stonebridge Common & Snell Crescent

Vic Boulevard (Assaly Street to Hunter Road)

Vic Boulevard & Assaly Street 

Vic Boulevard & Teal Crescent / Pringle Crescent


105th Street & Moran Avenue

Bryans Avenue & 112th Street

Lanyon Avenue & 112th Street

Reid Road & Reid Road

Rita Avenue & 110th Street

Varsity View

14th Street & McKinnon Avenue


29th Street & Avenue L


37th Street & pathway east of Byers Crescent

Avenue W & Byers Crescent

Byers Crescent & Selkirk Crescent (south intersection)

Junor Avenue & Makaroff Road

Junor Avenue & Peterson Crescent / Ward Road

Junor Avenue & Richardson Road

Richardson Road & Byers Crescent


Parkdale Road & Rosedale Road

Rosedale Road & Schwager Crescent

Rosedale Road & Tennant Crescent


Muzyka Road & Patrick Crescent (south)

Stensrud Road & Addison Road / Shepherd Crescent

Stensrud Road & Muzyka Road

Stensrud Road & Paton Crescent (South)

Stensrud Road & VanImpe Court / Lamarsh Road

Willowgrove Boulevard & Maguire Crescent (East)