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Industrial, Commercial, Institutional & Multi-Storey Building & Development

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New Site Grading Procedure

As of October 1, 2021 any commercial building permit application is required to follow the new site grading procedure. Refer to Commercial & Multi-Family Site Grading for detailed information.

The Commercial Building Permit Program is committed to helping professional consultants and contractors navigate the City’s construction standards and permits, and offers several resources and guides to help keep projects on track and up to code.

Application Process

  1. A professional architect or engineer is required for projects outside the scope of Part 9 of the National Building Code. For more information, please refer to Requirement for a Design Professional
  2. For industrial, commercial, or institutional construction, complete this application and applicable forms. For multi-storey construction, complete this application and applicable forms. For more information on which forms to complete, please refer to the Permit Forms and Brochures page or contact Building Standards and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.
  3. All drawings are to be prepared to professional drafting standards. Please see Electronic Drawing Requirements for more information. Plans must be to scale and have dimensions. Pencil drawings or drawings on graph paper will not be accepted. Drawings marked “preliminary only” or “not for construction” will not be accepted.
  4. Apply Online. New online services are now available for building and development permits and inspections. The new ePermitting system allows you to track all permit and inspection activity from initial application to completion, renewal or expiration of your permit. Visit to register your account or to sign-in to the online portal.

Building & Development Permit Fees 

Click the link above to find more information on building and development permit fees. 

Permit Turnaround Time 

After you have applied for your permit, the building standards team will begin processing your application.

Permit Turnaround Time

Estimated Building and Development Permit Application Service level targets are currently 5-7 days over the targeted service levels.

Building and Development Permit Application Service Level Target*

  New Alt
Single/Semidetached Dwelling Site 5-7 5
Alternative Family Care Home 15 8
Group Dwelling Site - Including Site Development 15-20 5-8
Group Dwelling Site - Post Site Development Approval 10-15 5-8
Apartment Buildings 17-22 9-15
Commercial, Industrial & Institutional 17-22 10-15
Major Projects 25-30 N/A
Demolitions        5-8 N/A

*Represented in business days