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Taxis & Transportation Network Companies


Taxis, taxi brokerages and taxi drivers are licensed by the City of Saskatoon and regulated under Bylaw No. 9651, the Vehicle for Hire Bylaw, 2019. 

Taxis are required to display:

  • the name or logo of the brokerage that they are dispatched by; 
  • a City of Saskatoon Taxi License decal; and,
  • the taxi fare rate. 

The taxi fare is calculated by a taxi meter, based on time and distance traveled.  Taxi fare rates are $3.75 for the first 125 meters, $0.25 for each additional 117 meters and $0.25 for each additional 35 seconds of time while the taxi is on a trip, including waiting at the request of passengers.  When carrying five or more passengers or more luggage than can be carried by a sedan, the taxi fare is 1.5 times the amount shown on the taxi meter. 

Through an agreement between taxi brokerages and the Saskatoon Airport Authority, taxi trips to and from the airport can be charged based on a flat rate, rather than the taxi meter rate.  Visit for more information.

Some taxis are equipped to provide wheelchair accessible service and can be requested through the taxi broker.  Wheelchair accessible taxis must prioritize customers that require wheelchair accessible service.  

Taxi Licensing

For information about obtaining a Taxi Broker License, contact or 306-975-3336.  

In order to apply for a Taxi Driver's Licence, you must be affiliated with a licensed taxi broker.  To begin the licensing process, please contact one of the licensed taxi brokers in Saskatoon.

Taxi Broker                           Contact Number
Captain Taxi 306-242-0000
Comfort Cabs 306-242-6666
Hey Taxi 306-668-9998
riide 306-986-3905
Saskatoon Radio Cabs 306-242-2626
YXE City Cabs 306-444-3333


Transportation Network Companies

Transportation Network Companies (TNCs), such as Uber, are regulated by the Province of Saskatchewan (visit and under the City of Saskatoon's Vehicle for Hire Bylaw.  TNCs are required to obtain a Transportation Network Company License to operate in Saskatoon. 

Using a TNC

TNCs are a new form of vehicle for hire service available in Saskatoon.  Unlike taxis, TNC vehicles are dispatched through a transportation network, such as an app maintained by the TNC.  Trips cannot be requested through a street hail (flagging down a vehicle on the street) or from a taxi stand.  

TNCs provide transportation services in personal or commercial vehicles (Class LV).  Unlike taxis, the vehicles are not licensed as Class PT and only display small decals.  

TNC Licensing

Every business that operates in Saskatoon requires a Business License.  Businesses that have locations in Saskatoon are required to obtain either a Commercial Business License or a Home Based Business License.  Applications can be made online.  Businesses that do not maintain a location in Saskatoon are required to obtain a Non-Resident Business License

In addition, any business operating as a TNC in Saskatoon is required to obtain a Transportation Network Company License.  The licensing fee structure is a flat annual fee based on the number of vehicles in the fleet, as well as a monthly fee of $0.20 per trip conducted by the TNC. A surcharge of $0.07 per trip must also be remitted monthly. The purpose of this surcharge is to support the provision of wheelchair accessible taxi service.

Annual Licensing Fee
1-10 Vehicles  $  2,500
11-50 Vehicles   $12,500
51+ Vehicles    $25,000


Monthly Licensing Fees

$0.20 Per Trip Fee

$0.07 per Trip Accessibility Surcharge  

If you are going to increase your fleet size and the increased number of vehicles will put you in a new annual license category, you must obtain the corresponding license for the increased number of vehicles before adding the new vehicles. The license is valid for one year, with a new one-year term starting whenever upgrading to a higher value license.

If you are interested in becoming a TNC driver, contact a licensed TNC.  Drivers are approved by the TNC and do not hold a City of Saskatoon license.  Visit for more information on TNC driver requirements.