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Land Use Complaints

A team of Bylaw Inspectors are responsible for managing and enforcing the Zoning Bylaw (No. 8770), which dictates what land uses are permitted on a property. The goal of the enforcement program is to work with citizens to ensure that they understand their responsibilities and to encourage neighbours to live in harmony with each other. 

Some of the more frequent concerns include:

  • Illegal dwelling units;
  • Vehicle repair in residential areas;
  • Fence heights;
  • Signs (portable and permanent);
  • Vehicles parked on the front lawn; and
  • Illegal home based businesses.

Legal Action

Although legal action remains a possible course of action for all Zoning Bylaw violations, it is generally considered a last resort. Property owners are given the opportunity to resolve land use violations on their own. The amount of time provided depends upon the nature of the violation. However, if a property owner refuses to resolve an issue within the prescribed timeline, or if a property owner repeats an offense, legal action may be considered.

Filing a Land Use Complaint

If you would like to submit a land use concern, please fill out the Making a Bylaw Complaint form.