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Neighbourhood Infill Development


The Neighbourhood Level Infill Development Strategy is one component of a Comprehensive Plan for infill development within built up areas of the city. The Infill Strategy addresses small scale infill opportunities on individual residential lots, with a scope directed to an assessment of established neighbourhoods within Saskatoon, defined as neighbourhoods located inside Circle Drive, as well as Sutherland and Montgomery Place.

The City has implemented two items identified in the Strategy:  regulations to allow for garden and garage suites and regulations for primary dwellings.  

Garden and Garage Suite Regulations

Garage and garden suites are small stand-alone dwelling units constructed in conjunction with a detached garage, or as an accessory structure. Proposals for these forms of development will require discretionary use approval, on an individual project basis. 

 Regulations for Garden and Garage Suites 
 Garden and Garage Suite Discretionary Use Application 
 Design Guidelines for Garden and Garage Suites 


Regulations for Primary Dwellings
Regulations for Design Guidelines for Primary Dwellings is intended to assist you with planning, designing and constructing your infill dwelling. It provides regulations you must follow when constructing an infill dwelling and design guidelines to assist you with the design of your dwelling and your site. Borth the regulations and design guidelines help to ensure that your project is compatible with Saskatoon's older residential areas.  

 Regulations and Design Guidelines for Primary Dwellings


Neighbourhood Level Infill Development Strategy

The Infill Strategy ensures the distinctive development patterns and historic characteristics of pre-war and post-war neighbourhoods are maintained. It proposes regulatory amendments that will help to minimize massing of new developments, regulate infill lot grading, address parking concerns, and protect the streetscape. ​​

 Neighbourhood Level Infill Development Strategy