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Project Governance

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The Journey to the District is built upon collaboration. The governance structure is key to this by bringing together stakeholders from across the community.

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Governance Chart

City Council -  All major decisions related to the project will be the responsibility of City Council.

Steering Committee - The Steering Committee is the internal administrative project oversight committee. The Steering Committee shall oversee and coordinate the activities of the various supporting groups and coordinate with the Advisory Group.

Advisory Group - The City will be engaging various experienced expert consultants and advisors to support the project. The Advisory Group is not expected to be experts in the development, design and construction of major projects - rather they are “Saskatoon experts” who will help the City make sure the project has something that everyone in the community can see as a benefit.

SaskTel Centre and TCU Place Boards - The role of the Board of Directors for the SaskTel Centre and TCU Place is to provide overall direction of the operations of the existing arena and convention centre facilities.

Community Stakeholders - Community Stakeholders will receive regular updates on the project through email updates and in person or virtual meetings. Participation in the group will be open to all business, community, and special interest groups who might be interested. 

Land Unit - The Land Unit is comprised of representatives from the Saskatoon Land and Technical Services Department and is responsible for securing the land required for the future Downtown event centre/arena and convention centre.

Funding Unit - The Funding Unit is comprised of representatives from the Finance and Technical Services Departments and is responsible for conducting financial analyses, developing funding strategies, assessing potential legislative reform requirements, and engagement with industry partners in relation to development of an approved funding plan. 

Technical Unit - The Technical Unit includes teams tasked to develop the Bus Rapid Transit, event centre/arena, and convention centre projects. 

District Unit - The District Unit is comprised of representatives from the Planning and Development department, and will be responsible for development of the Downtown Event & Entertainment District Master Plan. 

*Potential Primary Project Partner - In the coming months, City Council will be selecting the model for the operation of the future event centre/arena and convention centre, which could include an operating partner and financial investor. 

Stakeholder and Public Engagement - Engagement efforts with specific special interest groups, project partners and sponsors (e.g., corporate sponsors, future tenants, vendors, etc.), community partners, and the public will be undertaken.

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