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Voting & Elections

Election 2016 - General Info

General overview and links to content for voters and candidates for the Saskatoon 2016 civic elections, on October 26, 2016.

Election 2016 - Unofficial Results

Election 2016 - Nominations

Final list of candidates who have submitted nomination papers for the 2016 civic elections. Nominations closed at 4:00 pm on Sept. 21.

Election 2016 - Candidate Profiles

The following candidate information was provided the candidates themselves.  The information was not edited, checked for spelling or grammatical errors and appears as submitted.

Election 2016 - Candidate Guide

Information for candidates for the 2016 Saskatoon civic elections, including municipal and provincial legislation, as well as links to forms and to the printed Candidates Booklet.

Election 2016 - Voters Guide

Information for voters in the upcoming civic elections including voting dates, voter qualifications, identification, disabled, homebound and mail-in voting and other information.

Election 2016 - Ward Boundaries

Information relating to changing ward boundaries in Saskatoon, which will come into effect for the 2016 civic elections.

Work the Election

As of Sept 14, 2016, applications are no longer being accepted to work in the October 26, 2016 civic elections.

Online Poll Finder

Enter your home address to find out where you vote on election day, October 26, 2016.

I Have a Question

If you can't find what you need to know about the October 26 municipal and school board elections, ask us here. 

Past Elections

Go here for results and  other information for all municipal and school board elections and by-election back to 2000. For elections prior to that, contact the City Archives.