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Voting & Elections

2014 Sepearate School Board By-Election - Official Final Results

Votes Cast

Polls Reporting: 35/35
No. of Votes: 1359/49,978
Turnout: 2.7%    


Candidate No. Votes %
Darren CANNELL 271  19.94
Jennifer CARRUTHERS 186  13.69
Gail CASSIDY 259  19.06
Mike CEY 209  15.38
Tim JELINSKI 389  28.62
Bernadette MOONEY  45  3.31

Summary Results
Statement of Votes Cast


Election Signs Brochure
Election Signs FAQ
Complete List of Acceptable Voter Identification
Voter Identification Information

Civic Bylaws

The Campaign Disclosure and Spending Limits Bylaw (8491)
The Temporary Sign Bylaw (7491)
The Zoning Bylaw (8770)
The Poster Bylaw (7565)

Provincial Legislation

The Cities Act
The Planning and Development Act
The Saskatchewan Employment Act
The Local Government Election Act

If you have any further questions about Municipal Elections, please use the online form, or call the Office of the City Clerk at 306-975-3240.