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Heritage Awards Program


The City of Saskatoon recognizes achievement in the area of heritage conservation in Saskatoon through the presentation of awards through the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC). These awards are presented every two years. The next Heritage Awards will be held in 2020.

An independent panel of judges representing MHAC, the architecture, construction and design industry, and the Saskatoon Heritage Society reviews applications in the following areas:

Buildings, Sites and Grounds

There are seven categories under which an applicant may apply:
Heritage Conservation
1. Preservation 
Preservation is defined as the action or process of protecting, maintaining, and/or stabilizing the existing materials, form and integrity of an historic structure, or of an individual component, while protecting its heritage value. 
2. Restoration 
Restoration is defined as the action or process of accurately revealing, recovering or representing the state of a historic structure or of an individual component, as it appeared at a particular period in history, while protecting its heritage value.
Projects nominated under this category will be restored in reference to a particular period, using original styles, and original methods and materials wherever practical.
3. Rehabilitation 
Rehabilitation is defined as the action or processes of making possible a continuing or compatible contemporary use of an historic structure, or individual component, while protecting its heritage value.
Heritage Considerations or Compatibility
4. Adaptive Reuse
Adaptive Reuse is defined as a process that integrates a new use(s) into a heritage building while still maintaining its heritage character and integrity.
Projects nominated under this category must have involved the renovation of an older structure in order to prolong its physical and economic viability while retaining its heritage character.
5. Sensitive Infill
Sensitive Infill is defined as the design of a structure that is sympathetic to the original character of the neighbourhood and/or adjacent heritage properties.
Projects nominated under this category will include a design that is sensitive to the scale, height, massing, roofline and finishing characteristics of existing buildings, streetscapes or landscapes in developed areas or neighbourhoods.
6. Sensitive Addition
Sensitive addition is defined as a new construction involving one or more structural additions to an existing heritage building that is sympathetic to, or compatible with, the original building design.
Projects nominated under this category must have taken into account the additions parameters with respect to scale, height, massing, roofline and/or finishing materials.
Heritage Space
7. Heritage Space
Heritage Space is defined as a natural or cultural site (i.e. non-building) in Saskatoon that retains some heritage value.
Projects nominated under this category will demonstrate that the heritage value of a historic site has been conserved, and interpreted, while complementing any new design or activities that has taken place on the site.

For information and criteria for each of these categories, please see the entry form for Buildings, Sites and Grounds under Related Documents.

Education, Volunteer Public Service and Youth

This category is open to both individuals, groups or organizations that promote heritage conservation in Saskatoon through education and volunteer public service. Contributions made in these areas by Saskatoon’s youth are also recognized. 

For information and criteria, please see the entry form for Education, Volunteer Public Service and Youth under Related Documents.

The 2018 Heritage Awards recipients were announced on March 13, 2018:

Buildings, Sites and Grounds Awards

Preservation, Restoration and Rehabilitation
Underhill Residence Restoration Project – Honour Award
Presented to:
Jenny Underhill (Property Owner)
Rocco Masons Corp (Stone Masons)
Strata Development (General Contractor)

Sensitive Addition (2 awards)
St. Thomas Moore College North Building Renewal Project -Merit Award
Presented to:
Edwards Edwards McEwen Architects (Architects)
St. Thomas More College (Property Owner)
Allan Construction (Project Construction Manager)
Robb-Kullman Engineering LLP (Prime Consultant, Structural Engineer)
303 Pacific Street Addition (MacLeod’s Building) Project - Honour Award
Presented to: 
Greg Yuel, Tony Zuck and Ryan Lejbak (Property Owners)
PCL Construction (Contractor)
Strata Development Corporation (Contractor)
KSA Group (Architects)

Broadway Theatre Lobby Renewal Project – Honour Award     
Presented to:
Friends of the Broadway Theatre (Property Owner)
S2 Construction Ltd (General Contractor)
Daniels Wingerak Engineering Ltd (Engineers)
Odelay! Design (Designer)
Kindrachuk Agrey (Architect)
Obasa Building Revitalization Project - Merit Award       
Presented to
Heney Klypak Architect Ltd (Architect and Designer)
Obasa Group of Companies(Property Owner)
Heritage Space 
Hyde Park Project - Certificate of Recognition
Presented to
Associated Engineering (Project Engineer)
City of Saskatoon – (Property Owner)
Gord Forsyth and Associates (Sub-consultant)
Stantec- (Project Manager / Landscape Architect)

Volunteer and Youth Volunteer Public Service Award

Alan Morton (Volunteer Public Service Award)

Mr. Morton made a significant contribution to the history of both Saskatoon’s heritage through research, article writing, lectures and by sitting as a board member for the Saskatoon Heritage Festival and the Saskatoon Heritage Society. Alan's body of work includes is highly creative and the breadth and depth of his work is inspiring

Lauren Konok (Youth Volunteer Public Service Award)

Beginning at age 9, Lauren has delivered program and historical interpretation at the Marr Residence for the past 5 years. She is a worthy candidate, especially for the first time the Youth Award is being presented. 

Education Award

Rob MacDonald 

Rob's thoughtful approach in the 113 episodes of Saskatoon Stories that aired on CTV from 2003- 2017 brought Saskatoon's heritage to a broad audience.