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Heritage Awards Program


The City of Saskatoon recognizes achievement in the area of heritage conservation in Saskatoon through the presentation of awards through the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC). These awards are presented every two years. The Heritage Awards scheduled for March 8, 2022 have been canceled. The next Heritage Awards are tentatively scheduled for 2024.

An independent panel of judges representing MHAC, the architecture, construction and design industry and the Saskatoon Heritage Society reviews applications in the following areas:

Buildings, Sites and Grounds

There are seven categories under which an applicant may apply:
Heritage Conservation
1. Preservation 
Preservation is defined as the action or process of protecting, maintaining, and/or stabilizing the existing materials, form and integrity of an historic structure, or of an individual component, while protecting its heritage value. 
2. Restoration 
Restoration is defined as the action or process of accurately revealing, recovering or representing the state of a historic structure or of an individual component, as it appeared at a particular period in history, while protecting its heritage value.
Projects nominated under this category will be restored in reference to a particular period, using original styles, and original methods and materials wherever practical.
3. Rehabilitation 
Rehabilitation is defined as the action or processes of making possible a continuing or compatible contemporary use of an historic structure, or individual component, while protecting its heritage value.
Heritage Considerations or Compatibility
4. Adaptive Reuse
Adaptive Reuse is defined as a process that integrates a new use(s) into a heritage building while still maintaining its heritage character and integrity.
Projects nominated under this category must have involved the renovation of an older structure in order to prolong its physical and economic viability while retaining its heritage character.
5. Sensitive Infill
Sensitive Infill is defined as the design of a structure that is sympathetic to the original character of the neighbourhood and/or adjacent heritage properties.
Projects nominated under this category will include a design that is sensitive to the scale, height, massing, roofline and finishing characteristics of existing buildings, streetscapes or landscapes in developed areas or neighbourhoods.
6. Sensitive Addition
Sensitive addition is defined as a new construction involving one or more structural additions to an existing heritage building that is sympathetic to, or compatible with, the original building design.
Projects nominated under this category must have taken into account the additions parameters with respect to scale, height, massing, roofline and/or finishing materials.
Heritage Space
7. Heritage Space
Heritage Space is defined as a natural or cultural site (i.e. non-building) in Saskatoon that retains some heritage value.
Projects nominated under this category will demonstrate that the heritage value of a historic site has been conserved, and interpreted, while complementing any new design or activities that has taken place on the site.

For information and criteria for each of these categories, please see the entry form for Buildings, Sites and Grounds under Related Documents.

Education, Volunteer Public Service and Youth

This category is open to both individuals, groups or organizations that promote heritage conservation in Saskatoon through education and volunteer public service. Contributions made in these areas by Saskatoon’s youth are also recognized. 

2020 Heritage Awards Recipients

Buildings, Sites and Grounds Awards

Building 301 – Rehabilitation – Award of Honour
Presented to:

  • KSA Architecture
  • Legacy Land Inc.
  • Strata Developments

Priel Building – Rehabilitation – Award of Merit
Presented to:

  • Kindrachuk Agrey Architecture
  • Robb Kullman Engineering
  • Duchuck Holdings

The Saskatoon Club – Restoration – Award of Recognition
Presented to:

  • March Schaffel Architects
  • Holliday-Scott Interiors Design Studio
  • The Saskatoon Club
  • VCM Construction

Mendel/Wonderhub – Adaptive Re-Use – Award of Honour​
Presented to:

  • Kindrachuk Agrey Architecture
  • City of Saskatoon
  • Strata Developments

Health Sciences Building – Restoration – Award of Honour​
Presented to:

  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Graham Construction & Engineering Inc.
  • ADA Architecture

Smith Block Facade – Rehabilitation – Award of Merit
Presented to:

  • Group2 Architecture
  • Remi Cousyn, Calories
  • Rocco Masons

Volunteer and Youth Volunteer Public Service Award

Bernadette Vangool – Award of Honour
Bernadette Vangool wears many volunteer hats – two of which are a steadfast volunteer with the Saskatchewan Perennial Society and a dedicated educator with the Friends of the Forestry Farm House. For more than 15 years, Bernadette had worked hard to preserve and interpret the history of the Forestry Farm Park and the Superintendent’s Residence through school and public programs and provided leadership for the smooth operations of the facility.​

Education Award

Guy Quenneville – Award of Merit
CBC Online Journalist – The Day They Tore Down the Capitol Theatre
The impact of Guy’s work triggered other journalists to report on the story across the country. The quality of work was impressive and brought forward information unknown to the local heritage community making a significant contribution to the history records of Saskatoon’s Capital Theatre.

Saskatoon HOME Magazine – Award of Merit
Saskatoon HOME magazine is a locally published home-and-lifestyle magazine owned by Amanda and Rob Soulodre. Published quarterly since 2009, the content is provided by local writers and photographers. While its editorial policy does not specifically include heritage advocacy, Saskatoon HOME nevertheless consistently communicates the importance of local history and architectural heritage to a wide audience, much of which is not habitually exposed to heritage messaging.

Montgomery Place Community Association – Award of Honour
The Montgomery Place Community Association made a commitment to recognize and honour their neighbourhood’s past and specially the post World War II history . Their goal is to ensure future generations remember how the neighbourhood was developed through special events, a memorial site and story-telling. The community association demonstrates an uncommonly strong bond with our Veterans Land Act past – this sense of history promotes a shared vision of ourselves today. They have received many accolades and awards including being named a National Historic Site.