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Saskatoon Fire Department Rescue Crews Kept Busy Both On Land and Water

For immediate release: March 29, 2020 - 7:09pm

At approximately 15:17 this afternoon Saskatoon Fire dispatchers received a call of a male who had been in the river and was in distress. One Engine company was dispatched to the scene.

On arrival a male patient who had been in the water was found. It was determined that the best way to get this patient rescued would be to use the Fire Department Rescue boat and move him to the boat launch were an ambulance would then transport to hospital. The Rescue team was dispatched and the boat launched . The patient was retrieved and transported to the boat launch without issue.

After this task was complete Firefighters along the river bank were made aware of another patient that needed to be rescued from the trail system at the Sutherland dog park. In this instance it was decided that the best method to rescue this patient would be by using the Fire Departments Tactical Rope Rescue Team. Two rescue pumps were then dispatched to the scene to perform a low angle rope rescue. On their arrival  a rope system was set up and the patient was hauled up the riverbank in a rescue basket were he was delivered to an ambulance for transport to hospital.