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Single vehicle mvc involved in fire

For immediate release: August 8, 2019 - 3:29am

At 02:20 this morning, Saskatoon Fire Department received a call for a single vehicle MVC. It was reported to be on fire and possibly containing occupants.

Two Engines, one Heavy Rescue Unit, and the Battalion Chief were dispatched to the scene at Arlington Avenue and Main Street.

The first Engine and Rescue Unit arrived on scene to find the passenger car fully engulfed in flames. Fire crews quickly contained and extinguished the fire so they could complete a primary search throughout the vehicle as quickly as possible. No occupants were found inside. 

Three occupants were located a short distance away from the car, with undetermined injuries. A fourth occupant may have left the scene. 

Fire crews ensured complete extinguishment of the fire, eliminated any hazards, and cleaned up any remaining fluids. 

All occupants were assessed and treated by the ambulance service.

Police remain on scene for further investigation of the accident.