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WATER RESCUE - Broadway Bridge

For immediate release: July 4, 2020 - 3:14pm

At 1157 hours, Saskatoon Fire Communications Center received emergency calls for a person in distress in the South Saskatchewan River.  The person was reported as being swept with the fast moving current towards the weir.  One fire engine, one water rescue unit, and the battalion chief were dispatched.   Medavie Ambulance company was notified to respond to the scene by the Saskatoon Fire Department (SFD).

It was also reported that a person on a sea doo was attempting to keep the person from being carried further downstream with the current.

Water rescue 1 was on the river at 1203 hours.  The water rescue team retrieved the person where they transported the patient to Medavie's care.  Status of the patient is unknown at this time.

SFD has since cleared the scene, removed the water rescue unit from the river and returned to station to continue serving Saskatoon.

The river is currently flowing at a rate that is 4 - 6 times its average speed and it will reach peak flow by Monday, July 6th due to rainfall water being released at the Diefenbaker Dam. 

SFD wants to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the Water Security Agency is advising all persons to stay clear of the fast moving water at this time.  Enjoy the river from a safe distance.