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Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)

HELP stands for Home Energy Loan Program and was developed to help Saskatoon homeowners improve their homes’ energy efficiency, install renewable energy, or reduce water use by offering low interest loans that pay for the upfront costs of these changes to your home. Loans, between $1,000 and $60,000, are offered at a low interest rate and are repaid through your home's property tax. HELP is not intended for smaller changes to your home such as switching to LED lights, or installing a low-flow showerhead, however it is suited for larger projects defined below.

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Why apply for HELP? 

HELP provides a low-interest option to cover the upfront costs associated with renovating your home for energy efficiency or renewable energy. The loan balance can be repaid early at any time, without penalty. 

A HELP loan is attached to the property, not the homeowner. This means if you move before your loan is paid off, the new owner of that home can continue to make the loan payments as they will receive the benefit from the upgrades.

An energy efficient home is more affordable in the long term because it lowers your energy bills. It’s more comfortable and better for your health with less drafts and better air quality and it is also essential in reducing household pollution (greenhouse gas emissions) as a community in climate action.   


Am I Eligible? 

Owners of single-family residential homes including detached homes, semi-detached homes, and row housing, within Saskatoon City limits are eligible for HELP.    

The home being renovated must:  

  • Not have any outstanding or delinquent taxes  

  • Be a single-family residential home  

  • Be located within the city of Saskatoon  

  • Be an existing home, new homes under construction are not eligible for the program 

The applicant must:  

  • Be an individual  

  • Be the owner, but not necessarily the resident, of the home where upgrades are being installed 

  • Be in “good standing” regarding City of Saskatoon utility bills, taxes, and any other municipal charges  

If you are already participating in a property tax deferral program with the City such as a lead line replacement loan, you are still eligible to apply for this program.


What are the terms for a HELP loan?  

The minimum loan to participate in the program is $1,000. The maximum loan amount for this program is $40,000, unless you can provide proof that your project will reduce your homes energy consumption by 50% or more, then you may receive a maximum loan of $60,000.  

There is a $500 administration fee to participate in the program. If you can provide proof of low income, this administration fee may be waived.  

Homeowners can choose the repayment term that best suits their needs. Options include:   

Term Length (years) Interest Rate
5 1.45%
10 2.31%
20 3.14%


Eligible Projects 

Eligible Projects for this program are included in the table below. Any home upgrades outside of this list are ineligible for a HELP Loan.

Project Category Eligible Projects
Energy Efficiency
  • High-efficiency furnaces/boilers/central air conditioners*
  • Window & exterior door replacements*
  • Basement/attic/exterior wall insulation*
  • Air sealing (e.g. weather stripping or caulking)*
  • Gas tank-less water heaters/gas storage water heater/electric heat pump storage water heaters*
  • Drain-water heat recovery systems
  • HRV (heat recover ventilation) system installation*
  • Smart thermostats*
Renewable Energy
  • Air-source heat pumps*
  • Geothermal heat pumps*
  • Solar water heater*
  • Solar PV panels
  • Solar inverter*
Water Conservation
  • Low-flow toilet replacements
  • Low-flow fixture and faucet replacements
  • Irrigation control systems
  • Permanently affixed rainwater catchment sized to hold 50 gallons or more
  • Level 2 EV charging station system and installation costs
  • Battery storage system (paired with renewable generation)
  • Window glazing and embedded markers for birds


How do I apply?

Before applying for the program, ensure that you and your project meet the eligibility criteria and ready the HELP Program Guide. Once you have completed this, you can proceed to the Application resources & Forms webpage and start the application process.

The application process for HELP includes 5 steps:

1. Initial Application

2. Energy audit, funding request and contract signing

3. Installment request (optional)

4. Project completion

5. Loan repayment

HELP process