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The City of Saskatoon is actively involved in protecting our water source through its involvement and support for the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards .

Environmental Grant

The Environmental Grant is available for activities related to protection of the environment, conservation of natural resources, and/or environmental communications, education and research.

Community Environmental Programs

The City of Saskatoon's community sustainability programs, such as Student Action for a Sustainable Future, and Green Stem. 

Rainfall Report

The 2018 Annual Rainfall Report provides a summary of the 2018 rainfall season and a comparison with historical rainfall data from Environment Canada. 

Contractor Environmental Guidelines

The purpose of the Contractor Environmental Guidelines is to inform Contractors of the expected standard for environmental protection for City of Saskatoon contracts.

Northeast Swale

The Northeast Swale (Swale) is located in the northeastern area of Saskatoon and has long been regarded as a unique environment, having ecological, hydrological and hydrogeological characteristics.


The City of Saskatoon recognizes the value of groundwater and the need to protect it.