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Bus Rapid Transit

Bus Rapid Transit - A reliable and efficient way to travel


Bus Rapid Transit 

Saskatoon is growing - and we need way to move people around efficiently. The Official Community Plan, led by the Plan for Growth and approved in June 2020, lays out a model for growth, key to which is rethinking the way in which the City provides transportation options to existing and future residents. 

The cornerstone of the Plan for Growth is a Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT, system. The buses don't go faster - rather they are more efficient and frequent making them more reliable, getting you where you need to go faster. Through improvements like larger shelters (with heat), dedicated bus lanes (in some areas) and a Transit Signal Priority system that will also assist first responders move around the city more quickly, the BRT system will benefit everyone in Saskatoon, whether you take the bus, drive, walk or bike.

A BRT route with a five-minute frequency would have the capacity to move up to 1,440 passengers per hour in each direction of the route. One bus with 30 passengers is equivalent to 27 cars along the same route. By reducing the number of vehicles along major routes, the BRT system will reduce traffic congestion and the need for parking across the city.

On April 29, 2019, Saskatoon City Council approved the final routing for the BRT system. Work on design is well underway and once completed the system will be the backbone of Saskatoon Transit.

Public art will be an important part of the BRT system. Find out more about how art brings transit and community together. 

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Broadway rendering
*Artist rendering of a Broadway BRT Station


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Bus Rapid Transit - Economic benefits for Saskatoon