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Bus Rapid Transit - Public Art Program

The City of Saskatoon’s new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System will feature public art at various locations along the route. The City of Saskatoon joins many cities in Canada and around the world that feature public art in and along transit routes. Transit is critical for a city, and transit art programs, in general, can have a positive impact:

  • Create a stronger civic identity and pride of place
  • Make  transit trip a better, friendlier and more meaningful experience
  • Build unique identities for transit stations/routes through art, creative collaboration, and by making transit a part of the communities served. 

This type of artistic collaboration, consideration of audiences, and use of varied types of media can be seen in these examples of public art in transit:

Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, New York Minute – New York, NY. 

New York Minute Public Art

The goal of the Saskatoon BRT public art program is to design and create public art interventions at select station locations within the BRT system to enhance the rider’s experience.  Public art is a visual expression that may take many forms. 

Coffee Art

Artist Joining BRT Design Team 

In early summer 2021, an artist will be selected to be a member of the BRT team and design works of public art and other features that enhance the BRT transit stations and locations.  As a member of the team, the artist will have an opportunity to address space, object, and pedestrian movement. The public art designs may include integrated and non-integrated artwork elements as a component of overall designs of the sites. 

For more information:

Public art for the BRT is made possible through the City’s Public Art Policy. The policy states that where the City’s contribution is $5 million or more, the capital project will integrate a public art or artistic design element into the project, the cost of which is to be up to one (1) percent of the total capital project budget, to a maximum of $500,000. The BRT Project qualifies as a project that includes public art.