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Education in Saskatoon

Saskatoon offers a number of educational opportunities for both children and adults.

Elementary and Secondary

Education for children in Saskatchewan is available at no direct cost to Saskatchewan residents. To learn more about the Pre-kindergarten to Grade 12 system, please click here.

Saskatoon has three different publically-funded school systems:

Saskatoon Public Schools
Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools
Conseil des écoles Fransaskoises - Francophone Schools

There are also a number of private schools; these schools require that students attending them pay tuition.


Saskatoon has two publicly funded institutions for people who want to pursue education beyond a Grade 12 level:

  • The University of Saskatchewan grants degrees and certificates in a wide variety of subject areas. Usually, you would need to study for at least three years.
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic Saskatoon grants diplomas and certificates a number of subjects. For these, you would need to study for about two years.
  • Saskatoon is also home to a number of private career colleges, specializing in such areas as office administration, massage therapy, hair styling and aesthetics, and many others.

Learning English

There are many classes available in Saskatoon to help you improve your English, no matter what your current level is! Your first step should be to contact The Newcomer Information Centre for a language assessment. The NIC can give you information on which classes would be best for you.