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City Council and Committees to resume in-person meetings in April

For immediate release: April 8, 2022 - 1:34pm

After more than two years, Saskatoon City Council and its Committees will resume in-person meetings in April and will reopen Council Chamber to the public. Meetings have been conducted virtually online since shortly after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, it’s exciting to welcome back Council members and members of the public to attend City Council proceedings in Council Chamber or to other public committee meetings,” says Adam Tittemore, City Clerk. “While there are no COVID-related restrictions or a capacity limit in Chambers at present, public visitors may still choose to physically distance themselves and or wear an optional face-covering.”

Meeting participants and the public will have the option to attend upcoming meetings in person or virtually from another location. City Council proceedings will continue to be made available for public viewing via a live stream video link.

To add greater accessibility to City Council’s live-streamed video of public meetings, the City has added a closed captioning service whereby people with impaired hearing can toggle the “cc” icon on or off to make text appear on the screen below the video. Closed captioning may at times convey inaccurate spellings or words interpreted incorrectly due to the technology or speaker. “The City is committed to providing an open municipal government and this includes adding accessibility supports to best serve all members of the community,” adds Tittemore.

Visitor Screening Procedures introduced pre-pandemic will also be in place, including the visual bag inspection, for the public attending Council Chambers for City Council or Committee meetings. This safety measure is the City’s commitment to making Council Chamber as open, accessible and secure as possible for all visitors and City employees.

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