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City to provide service level update for new waste diversion regulations for businesses

For immediate release: September 29, 2021 - 4:21pm

On Monday, October 4, the Administration will present an information report to the Standing Policy Committee of Environment, Utilities and Corporate Services outlining the proposed service level and budget requirements to support the new waste diversion regulations for the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) Sector.

The proposal aligns and expands on a January 2020 report to City Council. The program includes administration, education, and support to improve compliance and reduce the administrative burden on businesses. The annual operating cost of $284,000 for the program services would be considered in the City’s 2022-2023 budget process later this year.

“This is a good step forward in achieving our waste reduction and diversion target,” says Angela Gardiner, General Manager of Utilities and Environment. “By implementing the necessary service levels to support these programs, we expect to divert approximately 5,400 tonnes of recyclable and organic waste from the City’s landfill every year, extending its life by approximately 5%.”

At its meeting on August 30, 2021, City Council passed Bylaw No. 9775, The Waste Amendment Bylaw, 2021. With a phased-in approach beginning in 2022, all businesses and organizations will be required to have a separate container for recycling, and those that generate food or yard waste as part of their operations will be required to have a separate organics waste container.

The full report and attachments can be found here.

Progress updates and a decision history can be found at