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City road maintenance operations will shift with weather changes through weekend

For immediate release: January 21, 2022 - 3:23pm

The City recommends using caution on streets and sidewalks this weekend, with ongoing snow, fluctuating temperatures and the possibility of rain in the forecast. City crews will be monitoring road conditions and responding to ice and snow as best as they can along priority streets and busy intersections to keep Saskatoon's busiest streets clear. 

City crews did an excellent job keeping Circle Drive from freezing overnight as rain, snow and ice pellets fell in Saskatoon. The salt kept the road wet, and the mild temperatures and sunny sky helped dry it out this afternoon before temperatures drop tonight. Salt and sand are being applied on all priority streets, busy intersections, and bridge walkways today, as required. 

Up to five centimetres of snow is expected to accumulate over the weekend, which could require a snow event declaration that would call in contractor graders to help the City grade all priority streets quickly.  

With higher-than-average snowfalls so far this winter, the snow piles are getting big along all priority streets. Removal of these piles is ongoing; however, it will be interrupted by these weather changes, as staff are reassigned to ensure driving lanes on priority streets are in good condition.  

Reminder for people on residential streets where grading did not occur this winter: residential streets will only be graded just prior to the spring melt, if the snowpack on streets is 15 centimetres thick. This would help prevent deep ruts as the snow softens. The graded snow would be stored in piles in the parking lane and would not be removed.  

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