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City snow crews continue to de-ice, drivers and pedestrians cautioned

For immediate release: January 21, 2022 - 7:12am

Saskatoon experienced freezing rain and a light snowfall overnight, creating icy conditions on Saskatoon’s streets and sidewalks.  Streets and sidewalks throughout the city became ice-covered from the freezing rain last night and this will make for challenging driving and walking this morning. 

Snow crews worked continuously overnight with de-icing operations. Circle Drive is wet and slushy with some slippery spots. 18 sanders worked all night, applying de-icing materials on Saskatoon’s streets with a focus on Circle Drive, bridge decks and intersections along busy streets.  Sanders will continue working day and night focusing on high speed and high traffic streets, intersections and bridge decks. 

Drivers should adjust their driving for this morning’s road conditions, slow down and use extra caution, leave extra room between cars, and watch for blue and yellow flashing lights on the City’s road equipment.

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