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Dirt and grime are so last season! Sweeping is underway on high-traffic streets

For immediate release: April 22, 2022 - 3:53pm

Throughout the “great April tug-of-war” between spring and winter many of our busiest streets and Business Improvement Districts still got swept. Some days sweeping wasn’t possible due to cold temperatures and snow, but we are no further behind at this time of year than most. Sweeping continues day and night until we get to them all.

Pothole repairs are focused on the highest priority streets and we will begin using hot mix starting April 24 for durable repairs. With a lot of us on the road, please slow down and give our staff and their equipment space to work - for everyone’s safety.

Watch for yellow No Parking signs on your street:

Neighbourhood priority streets (9 affected) - May 2-8 

We want people to have a street nearby to park on when they move cars for sweep day. We do this by scheduling the neighbourhood over a couple of days or sweeping the main streets (priority streets) first, so they are completed and open for parking on sweep day.   

Sweeping on priority streets only within these neighbourhoods will occur May 2-8: Avalon, Dundonald, Evergreen, Greystone Heights, Grosvenor Park, Hudson Bay, Massey Place, North Park and Westview. Watch for No Parking signs and avoid a ticket. 

Neighbourhood residential streets – May 9 (7 weeks, weather permitting) 

All streets are swept by neighbourhood once cars are moved or towed to a nearby street. Many are split in half or thirds as they are too big to be swept in one day, and to provide alternate on-street parking spaces. 

Watch for yellow No Parking signs on your street to alert you to upcoming sweeping and find your sweep day at