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For immediate release: February 1, 2015 - 4:56pm

The city-wide snow maintenance program is on hold until further notice due to the cold weather Saskatoon is currently experiencing. With the recent unseasonable temperatures, the snow pack on roadways has become hard ice.  Crews are having difficulty grading iced-packed roads properly under these cold weather conditions.  The ice chunks that are being pushed to the side of the roadway are not staying in piles and are causing obstructions on the sidewalks. Environment Canada is forecasting more of the same cold temperatures over the next week.  

“While the graders are still making progress through these frozen ice conditions, the City must be responsible stewards of tax-payer dollars and provide the best service possible,” says Director of Public Works Pat Hyde.  “We will put this program on hold for now and focus more efforts on streets where ruts are already developing.  When warmer weather is forecasted and the snow pack softens, we will resume the city-wide clearing program and reschedule missed neighbourhoods.” 

For today (Wednesday), graders will only address the most problematic streets in the two neighbourhoods that were scheduled for today: Forest Grove and Dundonald.  The yellow No Parking sandwich board signs will be removed from the streets that are assessed as lower risk.  Any No Parking signs that were in place for Thursday in Lakeridge and Confederation Park were removed this morning.  These neighbourhoods, along with Massey Place and Briarwood, which were scheduled for Friday, will be rescheduled when the program resumes. 

Contractor and city crews will be re-assigned to clearing streets in the core neighbourhoods, where ruts are more prevalent, and other identified streets where ruts are becoming a problem.  Today, these streets are being assessed and a schedule will be developed.  

Residents may continue to report a rutted street using the online form at or by calling the Snow & Ice Infoline at
306-975-2476.  The yellow sandwich board No Parking signs will be posted in advance for parking enforcement and relocation towing.  Some identified streets may be cleared of ruts without the use of the No Parking signs if on-street parking is not a significant issue. 

Since January 20, 14 neighbourhoods have been graded to reduce the snow pack that can lead to the development of deep ruts.  The overall feedback from residents has been positive, although many have expressed concerns with the windrows that can impact on-street parking.  

“This is the first time the City has enforced parking and used relocation towing for snow clearing,” says Hyde.  “While it’s been an adjustment for many residents, as they become more familiar with the process the compliance for removing vehicles from the streets is improving each day.  This allows us to provide a more effective process and the end result is better for all.” 

Daily Snow & Ice Updates are available at summarizing completed and scheduled snow maintenance operations day-by-day. 

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