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For immediate release: February 1, 2015 - 4:50pm

The process underway for the City Wide Snow Clearing is to use graders to clear, or push, the snow from the roadway and into storage along the curbs.  The program is not designed as a load out or snow removal program.  This is a proactive approach designed to reduce the snow pack on roadways in order to prevent the potential for ruts to form as the snow pack increases through successive snowfalls and/or temperatures rise.

Through a blend of private contractor and Public Works, multiple grader crews continue in neighbourhoods on each side of the city, reducing the snow pack that can develop into ruts.  This is the first time in recent history that the City has undertaken a city-wide clearing such as this, but no one wants to experience the extreme rutting that occurred last winter.  This proactive street grading was initiated early before the snow pack was too deep, so even if more snow collects this winter, the risk for deep ruts developing is low. 

Streets will be graded and the snow will be pushed into piles along the curb, called windrows.  Graders will do their best to leave space for parking along the streets, but in some cases, it will not be possible.  As part of the increased level of service for snow management through the new dedicated road levy funding, provisions were made to include city-wide snow clearing, but does not include the removal of snow.  The levy will be used to increase road reconstruction and rehabilitation, and increase road maintenance services. 

This week, graders completed the following neighbourhoods:  Montgomery, Willowgrove, Wildwood, Silverwood Heights, Wildwood, Arbor Creek and Hampton Village.  Fairhaven and Sutherland will be completed today.  For most of these residents, it is the first time seeing the new Yellow ‘No Parking’ signs, and experiencing the parking enforcement (ticket) and vehicle relocation program.  Despite this, overall compliance has been very good, increasing each day and, as a result of the compliance, graders are able to move quickly through the streets without having to work around vehicles.



Relocated Vehicles: East

Relocated Vehicles: West

Parking Tickets Issued

January 22

Arbor Creek – 22

Hampton Village – 54


January 21

Wildwood – 15

Silverwood Heights – 82


January 20

Willowgrove – 24

Montgomery – 5


In order to reduce the inconvenience for residents, residential neighbourhoods are scheduled Monday to Friday only from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., when many vehicles are usually off the street.  The Parking enforcement start time was adjusted from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. to make the process more convenient for residents.  Other neighbourhoods, such as commercial and industrial areas with different traffic and parking patterns, will be scheduled for clearing during nights and/or on weekends. 

Yellow ‘No Parking’ sandwich board signs may be supplemented with matching paper ‘No Parking’ signs and will be posted 36 hours in advance of the scheduled street grading to notify drivers to move their vehicles.  The yellow, high-visibility sandwich boards will be posted throughout the neighbourhoods on the main roads, important intersections and high-volume traffic areas. Streets that have already been cleared prior to this program will not be graded again. These streets include those on the Priority Street Network (Priority 1, 2 & 3) that receive clearing during/after each snow event and receive regular maintenance between snow events.  Residents with no off-street parking are permitted to park on these streets (where regular signage permits) and will not receive a ticket.

Along with the neighbourhood schedule, PDF maps of each neighbourhood will be available at  The neighbourhood maps will show the boundary areas of the neighbourhood where grading will take place.  They will also outline each of the Priority Streets within the identified neighbourhood indicating parking options within the neighbourhoods.

Vehicles left on the street within the designated neighbourhoods at 7:00 a.m. will be relocated and issued a fine of $100 (no reduction available).  Drivers can locate their vehicle with the Find My Vehicle! application on the City’s website or by calling the Snow & Ice Infoline at 306-975-2476.

The street grading schedule may be required to be changed as the program progresses, depending on the conditions of the streets.  If it snows, grading may be on hold if these graders are required for the priority streets.  ‘No Parking’ signs will be removed immediately in any neighbourhood/street that is cancelled.   Signs will be re-posted when rescheduled to notify residents of the new date.  Visit to learn more about the City’s snow and ice management program or contact the Public Works customer service line at 306-975-2476 or

Street Clearing Schedule – January 27 - 31

A one-week schedule will be available on Thursday each week for the following week.  Visit for the schedule. One east-side and one west-side neighbourhood will be graded each day. For the week of January 27-31, the following neighbourhoods are scheduled: 

Friday, January 24: Silverspring and Lawson Heights

Monday, January 27: Parkridge and Lakeview

Tuesday, January 28: Erindale and River Heights

Wednesday, January 29: Dundonald and Forest Grove

Thursday, January 30: Lakeridge and Confederation Park

Friday, January 31: Massey Place and Briarwood

The City thanks residents for their patience and reminds everyone to please watch for crews and equipment on the road as they clear snow and apply de-icing material. Slow down and keep 15 metres behind maintenance equipment; be prepared to stop; and, if required, use extreme caution when passing.