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Spring clean-up of park and open space areas start mid-April

For immediate release: April 11, 2022 - 10:00am
Spring is here, which means City workers are starting to ramp up maintenance activities for the more than 2,000 hectares of park and open spaces in Saskatoon. Seasonal workers start returning mid-April and the park clean-up process will continue until mid-May. 
Spring park maintenance activities include: 
  • Park clean-up, consisting mainly of litter control and removal of branches and leaves from turf areas and shrub beds. 
  • Pumping out the spring run-off in low-lying areas in parks and green spaces. 
  • Sweeping park-front sidewalks and boulevards where grass, trees and/or flowerpots are located. Full-size street sweepers will follow the same path after to collect the debris left behind on the road.  
  • Grooming of crusher dust trails in naturalized park areas to remove the ruts from run-off and other winter activities will begin once the trails have fully dried.
  • Collecting litter and beginning of mowing cycles to over 400 hectares of open space areas along Circle Drive and other major freeways.
  • Emptying of garbage receptacles will increase to at least once a week, beginning May 4.
Residents are reminded that a Park Access Permit is required to access private property from a City park to complete all work including landscaping, construction, tree removal, renovations and building a deck, fence or pool. Homeowners and contractors can request a permit by completing the online application form at least one week prior to the date required. Visit to access the form and more information on park access requirements. 
For more information on seasonal park maintenance, visit