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For immediate release: February 1, 2015 - 5:04pm

Environment Canada has ended its wind warning for Saskatoon and area.  As a result, the City’s Level 1 Emergency Alert is over as well.

Over the course of Wednesday evening, January 15, the abnormal above freezing temperatures dropped which increased possibility slippery road conditions.  However, sanding crews worked overnight to address any problem roadways. 

City staff yesterday responded to a number of service disruptions or operational challenges throughout the day. An Emergency Level 1 Alert allowed for the sharing of information across civic departments and divisions.  

The following is an update on the City of Saskatoon services:
Saskatoon Light & Power (SL&P)

All systems are operating normally and at time of release there are no current power outages.

Credit Union Centre (CUC)

As of 11:12pm last night, there were no concerns raised by CUC staff.


Operating normally


Normal operations
Public Works
Snow & Ice

Sanding crews worked overnight to address any problem roadways. A more detailed update will be available later today.

Saskatoon Landfill
The Landfill is open to the public for normal operations. 

Recycling and Garbage Collections
Garbage collection continues as normal today including neighbourhoods that may have been missed.  Also, many residents are reporting missing or damaged carts this morning.  To help us resolve the issue, please phone the Waste Stream Customer Service Line at 306-975-2486.

Solid waste truck operators attempted to upright as many carts as they could;  the City would like to thank everyone who took a few extra minutes to pick up overturned carts and cleaned up any spilled material throughout yesterday’s wind event.


Parks crews were able to address five tree-related calls last night.  Call volume is currently normal.

With the wind speeds down we do not expect an escalation of priority hazardous tree-damage service calls.  If City-owned trees are damaged and residents are concerned they may be a safety hazard, please phone the Parks division at 306-975-2890 which will be open until 4:45 p.m. today.  Afterwards, please call the 24-hour Public Works hotline at 306-975-2476.

The traffic signal pole that was downed at Central Avenue and Attridge Drive is expected to be repaired this morning.
Information for Residents and Visitors

The City would again like to remind residents and visitors to keep safety a priority during and after extreme weather events such as this one.  In an emergency, residents are to phone 911 for immediate assistance.

Today, the City recommends residents examine their trees and property during the daylight hours to ensure the area is safe.
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