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Request Access To A Park

The City of Saskatoon would like to remind homeowners and contractors about the importance of gaining approval before accessing a park.  Before access may be granted, the homeowner /contractor is responsible for contacting the Parks Division to arrange an onsite meeting and completing the access permit (306-975-3300).

Upon written permission to access the park, the property owner/contractor is responsible for:

  • Repairing any damage to City property immediately, at the property owner's/contractor’s expense;
  • Removing all litter/debris immediately after the project is complete;
  • Any expense incurred by the City to repair damage;
  • Adhering to any restrictions set forth in the approval process, including limitations for vehicle access when the turf is wet;
  • Accepting liability for any injury to the public, and for damages to public property
  • Contacting Community Services – Parks Division immediately after the work is complete for an inspection and to close the permit.

Our goal is to protect park spaces for the enjoyment of all users.  Should you have any concerns, please contact Community Services – Parks Division.  



Online Form: Request Access to a Park for Equipment

Applicant Contact Information


Homeowner/ Homebuilder/ Landowner


About the work

21 days notice is required prior to job start date. Permit application without sufficient notice may not be granted.


Contractor Information


Please note 

 As per  Bylaw 7767 there are fines associated with park damage.



The personal information required in this form is collected under the authority of Section 24 of The Local Authority Freedom of Information of privacy Act . Any personal information collected by the city will be managed in accordance with the City's Privacy Policy