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 COVID-19 Response for Saskatoon Residents

City Hall Lobby is open with a limited number of in-person services; the remainder of City Hall remains closed to the public. Learn more about the City’s response to COVID-19 and changes to programs and services.

Smoke-Free Outdoor Public Places


Bylaw No. 8286 The Smoking Control Bylaw prohibits smoking or vaping in outdoor public places owned or operated by the City.  This includes parks and trails, playgrounds, sports fields, spray pads, outdoor and paddling pools, skateboard sites, golf courses, tennis courts, dog parks, public squares and areas around civic buildings.  Smoking or vaping tobacco is allowed on sidewalks bordering these areas.  Exemptions can be made for the use of tobacco in traditional Aboriginal spiritual or cultural practices or ceremonies being carried out in City-owned public places.  

The Bylaw also strictly prohibits the consumption of cannabis (including for medical use) in any public place, as per The Cannabis Control (Saskatchewan) Act (Bill 121).  This means cannabis may only be consumed on private property.

The Saskatoon Police Service enforces The Smoking Control Bylaw.  Citizens wishing to make a complaint should contact Saskatoon Police at 306-975-8300.