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Permit Forms & Applications

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Find a complete listing of required submission forms, permit applications, and information documents for your next project. Use the search tool to refine your search and find relevant materials for your specific project.  

Title Description
Building Permit Statistical Information Request

To request statistical reports generated by building standards. For another option please see the fillable Building Permit Statistical Information Request

Built-Up Wood Beams

Guidelines for built-up wood beams

C09-029 Plan Review and Building Inspection Policy

Council Policy for review and inspection of ground-oriented residential building permits

Character Homes Brochure

Information for character home renovations

Commitment Letter for Field Review - Structural

Required at building permit application stage for items designed under Part 4 of the National Building Code

Consent to Disclose Building Plan Drawings 

Consent from the owner of a building to allow another person to view the building permit drawings

Contractor's Handbook

Centralized document with the information needed for a successful build.

Damage to Infrastructure

Process of evaluating damage to infrastructure caused by construction or demolition

Decks and Patios

Information for deck construction, to be submitted with application package

Declaration of Intent

For owner and contractor to state the amount of debris and disposal location of material resulting from demolitions (including asbestos)