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Affordable Housing

Attainable Housing Strategy and Resources

The City of Saskatoon adopted its first comprehensive Housing Business Plan in 2008 in response to rapidly rising housing costs and supply shortages in both the ownership and rental markets. Strategies to increase the supply and range of affordable housing options are detailed here.  Resources for renters and those in core housing need, including the City's Housing Handbook are  listed throughout.  

Incentives for Builders & Developers

Get more information on the Mortgage Flexibilities Support Program, New Rental Construction Land Cost Rebate Program, Property Tax Abatements and other programs.

Incentives for Homebuyers

We offer incentives for first time homebuyers, as well as a housing handbook for all residents. Get information about secondary suites and taking in boarders.

Legalizing Existing Suites

The City of Saskatoon has developed occupancy standards that make it more cost effective for owners to upgrade their existing suites and obtain the necessary permits, while at the same time, ensuring better and safer accommodations for tenants.

Secondary Suites & Boarders

The City of Saskatoon encourages the creation of new secondary suites as well as the legalizing of existing secondary suites. If you have a spare room and are looking for help paying your mortgage, we also encourage you to consider taking in a student as a boarder.