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Tree Maintenance & Inspections


Maintenance of City-owned trees located on boulevards, centre medians and in parks is the responsibility of the Urban Forestry Section. 

Boulevard trees are pruned on a 7-year cycle - if your neighborhood is up for scheduled pruning, a notice will be left in your mailbox. Park trees are pruned on a 13-year cycle. 

Young trees are pruned to improve structural strength, reduce costly maintenance in the future and to increase their longevity. Mature trees are pruned to eliminate hazards, provide clearance and maintain health.

2022 Boulevard Tree Pruning Schedule
  • Haultain -  completed 
  • Montgomery Place - completed 
  • Parkridge  -  completed
  • Fairhaven - completed
  • Lakeridge - in progress
  • College Park East - starting fall 2022
  • Nutana Central - starting fall 2022
  • Nutanta West- starting fall 2022

2022 Park Tree Pruning Schedule*

*Elm trees are left until after the elm pruning ban has been lifted, September 1st.

  • Anna McIntosh
  • Archibald McDonald
  • Buena Vista
  • C F Patterson N
  • C F Patterson S
  • Dundonald
  • Ernest Lindner
  • Father Basil Markle
  • Herbert Stewart
  • Idylwyld
  • James Girgulis
  • Lakeview
  • Les Kerr
  • Pierre Radisson
  • Rod V Real
  • Umea Vast
  • Westmount
  • Wiggins
  • William A Reid


If the City-owned tree adjacent to your home requires maintenance work or you are concerned about its health, please Request a Tree Inspection Online or call Urban Forestry at 306-975-2890.

A Certified Arborist will inspect the tree within 10 business days. An inspection notice will be left at your home once the tree has been inspected. Work will be scheduled based on the results and the future requirements of the tree.

Back Lane Trees

Urban Forestry does not maintain trees in back lanes.  The City of Saskatoon asks residents to keep the lane adjacent to their property free from overgrown trees and weeds.  If you have a concern about a back lane tree interfering with lane access, please call the Bylaw Compliance Hotline at 306-657-8766 to report the location of the obstruction.  A Bylaw Inspector from the Community Standards Division will follow up with the property owner directly and request that they trim the tree.

Damage to Private Property

If you believe your property has been damaged because of a City-owned tree or as the result of work performed by City staff, please file a legal claim with City Solicitors to determine liability. 

Tree & Stump Removals

Tree removal and stump grinding are separate operations.  Trees are removed on a priority based schedule and we strive to complete all removals within one year. 

Our stumping program is a seasonal operation that runs between May and October, therefore stump removal may take up to two seasons.  Once stumping is completed we will backfill with topsoil and spread grass seed.

For the safety of operators and bystanders, the following must be completed before stump grinding operations can proceed:

  • Relocate vehicles and other equipment
  • Move large rocks a minimum of 1 metre away from the stump
  • Shovel small rocks, shale or pea gravel 2 metres away from the stump
  • Relocate shrubs and other landscaping

Tree Replacements

After a stump has been removed, residents can request to have a tree replanted on the boulevard by submitting a form online at Request a Tree.