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Secondary Suites & Boarders

The City will rebate fees for building and plumbing permits, along with a portion of the Legalizing an Existing Suite (LES) Occupancy fee for completed secondary suites. We encourage the creation of new secondary suites, garden and garage suites as well as the legalizing of existing secondary suites. If you have a spare room, we also encourage you to consider taking in a student as a boarder.

Homeowners who wish to obtain rebates of permit fees for the legalization of an existing secondary suite, the construction of a new secondary suite or garden and garage suite, must have a valid building permit or apply and be engaged with the LES program through the Community Standards Division.

You can apply for a 25% rebate on a Legalizing Existing Suite permit or 100% rebate on building and plumbing permits related to a secondary suite.


This year some students will face the challenge of finding convenient, affordable housing.
If you or anyone you know have a home, a room or a legal suite to rent, please consider taking in a student.

Why take in a Boarder?

Earn Extra Income

If you’re paying the mortgage on a home and that home has a spare bedroom or two, why not rent out the space? Not only will you help a student, you’ll help yourself by earning extra income. Use it to pay down your mortgage, reduce your heating bills or simply put aside money for a rainy day or vacation.

Enhance Your Home Security

Whether you live alone, work long hours or travel frequently, taking in a boarder can enhance your security by simply having someone else living in your house. A busy home is a much less attractive target for criminal activity.

Because You Care

The best reason for taking in a boarder is the simplest – you’ll be helping alleviate a very real crisis situation. Imagine being 20 years old and eager to start or continue with your education, but finding out that you can’t, simply because there’s no affordable place to live. Opening your home up to a boarder can make a lasting difference in a person's life. 

A Few Rules

By definition, a boarder is someone who rents sleeping accommodations in your residence. The room does not have individual cooking facilities. You may choose to simply rent a room or to offer room and board. Room and board includes some meals as part of the agreement, but you may determine how many meals to provide. 

The City of Saskatoon allows up to a maximum of five boarders in a one unit dwelling, and two boarders in each unit of a two unit or semi-detached dwelling. For more options or questions on boarders contact the Planning and Development Division.

You must declare the income earned from renting to boarders, but you may be able to claim some tax deductions. Talk to your financial consultant or accountant regarding tax deductions.