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Good Dogs Bite Too

A community coalition including the Saskatoon Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), the City of Saskatoon Animal Services, the Advisory Committee on Animal Control, the Saskatoon Animal Control Agency and the Saskatchewan Health Authority are working together to raise awareness of dog bites, how they are caused and what owners can do to prevent their pets from biting. 

Bite Prevention

When most dogs bite they do so out of fear so it is important to recognize the signs that dogs give to indicate they are feeling anxious or fearful including: wide eyes, ears lowered, tail tucked or avoiding eye contact

Tips for Owners
  • Always ask if people are comfortable around dogs. Don't assume. 
  • Allow your dog to calmly sniff the person first. Then invite the person to pet your dog.
  • When on a path or sidewalk, walk between your dog and people approaching to act as a barrier.
  • If your dog is friendly, that doesn't mean other dogs or people want to interact.
  • Avoid putting your dog in uncomfortable situations.
  • Don't allow people to hug your dog.

Tips for the Community
  • Always ask the owner before approaching the dog.
  • Avoid approaching a dog with no owner present.
  • Make sure children are cautious around new dogs.
  • Never put your hand in the way of a dog's food or when dogs are fighting.
  • Don't tease dogs (pulling tails, ears, fur, etc).

What Should you do if Bitten by a Dog?

  • Get owner's name and phone number
  • Call Animal Control 306-385-7387
  • Contact doctor to discuss: rabies, tetanus immunization or possible infection