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Property Tax

The City of Saskatoon collects property taxes on behalf of three taxing authorities: School Boards (Public and Separate), the City of Saskatoon and the Saskatoon Public Library. Each taxing authority establishes its annual budget and, after taking into consideration other sources of revenue, determines the total revenue required through taxation.

2016 Property Tax: Important Dates for Residents

  • May, 2016: Property Tax Notices for 2016 will be mailed to residents.
  • June 30, 2016: Your 2016 Property Tax payment is due.
  • Payments made after June 30 of the current tax year will have a late penalty of 1.25% per month applied.
  • 2016 Tax Summary information will be updated April 2016

2015 Tax Summary

The average residential property saw an $87.00 increase, or a 3.03% increase to their total 2015 property tax bill (municipal, library and school).

This was a result of: a 5.2% increase for the City (1.9% dedicated to roadways, 0.2% dedicated to traffic noise attenuation and 3.1% for general revenue), a 4.2% increase for the Saskatoon Public Library and a 0% increase for Education.

2013 was a year of a general reassessment. If your property had a tax increase or decrease due to the reassessment, this change was phased in over the following four years.

What does phase-in mean? How does it work?

Property tax notices will include the full increased or decreased amount based on the new 2013 assessment of your property. Your tax notice for 2013, 2014 and 2015 will have an adjustment for the phased in amount.  We are now in year 3 of the 4-year phase-in. Your 2016 tax notice will be at the full increased or decreased amount and therefore will have no adjustment.

An Example of phase-in for a property tax increase

If your property taxes were $2500 in 2012, and for 2013 your taxes increased to $2600 as a result of your new assessment, this $100 tax increase would be phased in over the next four years (25% increase per year).

This means you would pay:

2013 $2525 ($2500 plus 25% of $100)
2014 $2550 ($2500 plus 50% of $100)
2015 $2575 ($2500 plus 75% of $100)
2016* $2600 ($2500 plus $100)

*In 2016 you will pay the full increased amount due to the reassessment

An Example of phase-in for a property tax decrease

If your property taxes were $2500 in 2012, and for 2013 your taxes decreased to $2400 as a result of your new assessment, this $100 tax decrease would be phased in over the next four years (25% decrease per year).

This means you would pay:

2013 $2475 ($2500 minus 25% of $100)
2014 $2450 ($2500 minus 50% of $100)
2015 $2425 ($2500 minus 75% of $100)
2016 $2400 ($2500 minus $100)

Why does my Property Tax Notice show a Tax Phase-In on the on the front - when the Phase-In calculation on the back says that I have a decrease? Please explain.

The tax impact of the 2013 reassessment (increases and decreases) is phased in over four years at a rate of 25% per year. This means that if your taxes decreased in 2013 due to the reassessment, your taxes will be reduced 25% each year until you have reached the full reduction in 2016.

E.g., If your taxes in 2012 were $2500 and in 2013 were $2400 you would have a total decrease of $100 (before any annual budget changes).

This is shown on the property tax notice as:

Tax Phase-In Calculation

2012 Tax Base $2500
2013 Tax Base $2400
Decrease to be phased in over 4 years –$100

The taxes shown on your bill include the entire –$100 (100% of the decrease). Because the $100 decrease is phased in over four years at 25% per year the following amounts are added back to property taxes each year:

Year Tax Phase-In
2013 +$75 (75% added)
2014 +$50 (50% added)
2015 +$25 (25% added)
2016 +$0 (0% added)

Changes to Tax Information​

If you need to change any tax information on file at the city, please follow these instructions:

Change of Name

If you wish to have your new legal name displayed on the Assessment Notice and Property Tax Notice, you must submit an application and an affidavit to ISC. Forms and instructions are available at

The City of Saskatoon Assessment and Property Tax information records reflect the exact name registered at the provincial ISC office (Land Titles).

Change of Mailing Address

Contact Customer Service in the Revenue Branch or the Taxation & Assessment Branch to request a mailing address change. If you own more than one property, your must request a mailing address change for each address.

School Tax Declaration is a declaration of faith, not of school support. If you wish to change your School Tax from one School Board to another based on your faith, please use the forms below to submit a declaration to the Assessment & Taxation Division at City Hall.

Individual Declaration pdf 51 KB

Corporate Declaration pdf 56 KB