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Property Tax


2022 Property Tax 

We are here to discuss your property tax-related questions, please email or contact our Corporate Revenue Customer Service Representatives at 306-975-2400.


The City of Saskatoon bills and collects property tax annually.

Each year your property tax bill consists of three components:

  1. Municipal Tax
  2. Library Tax 
  3. Education Tax

 Municipal and Library Tax:

City Council approves the municipal and library budget each year to determine how much revenue is required to support and provide City services.  From this amount, grants and other sources of revenue other than property tax are subtracted. The difference determines the amount of revenue the City must collect from property tax each year. 

Education Tax:

The Province of Saskatchewan sets the mill rates for Education Property Tax for all public school divisions. The Saskatoon separate school division set their own mill rates and adopted the provincial mill rates. The City of Saskatoon is bound by provincial legislation to bill and collect education property tax.  The City of Saskatoon does not keep education property tax for use in providing City services.

2022 Property Tax​​

 2021 was a provincially legislated reassessment year. All property types are reassessed every four years so that property values are more up-to-date, accurate and fair. In 2021, your property was reassessed and updated to reflect its assessed value as of the legislated base date - January 1, 2019. All property types were last reassessed in 2017. Learn more about the 2021 Reassessment.

  • Your property's 2021 reassessed value is used as the starting point to calculate your property tax for the next four years 2021-2024.

Spring 2022:  2022 Property Tax Notices will be mailed. 2022 Tax and BID Levy Bylaws will be approved.

June 30, 2022: 2022 Property Tax payment due.

Your Property Tax Payment Options
  • Internet or Telephone Banking: Register your payment with the Roll Number located on the front of your property tax notice. Please allow up to two business days for payment processing by the vendor. Some vendors may take longer.
  • By Mail: Mail your cheque or bank draft to: P.O. Box 1788, Saskatoon, SK S7K 8E1. Post-dated cheques are accepted. Please do not enclose cash.
  • 24-Hour Deposit Box: Located outside City Hall's main entrance. Please include the tax payment stub with your cheque or bank draft.
  • In Person: City Hall Payment Centre open from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. Payment methods accepted are Cash, Cheque or Debit. 
  • TIPPS: Make monthly payments rather than one annual property tax payment. You may join the TIPPS program anytime, for more information call 306-975-2400. Already on TIPPS? Your TIPPS amount showing on your property tax notice is for information only.
  • Property Tax payments made after June 30, 2022 will have a late penalty of 1.25% per month applied.

Frequently Asked Questions About Property Taxes

Can I look up the exact amount I owe for my property taxes using the online Property Assessment & Tax Tool?
No. The information found using the Property Assessment Online Tool to search a property does not contain the full details of a specific tax account; it shows the tax levy in relation to a property's assessment.

The amount shown does not include other charges such as BIDS, phase-in and special charges. Please call 306-975-2400  for additional tax-related information you may be looking for.

What is the property taxation system in Saskatoon?
The City follows the guidelines established by the provincial government and uses a property assessment process to ensure that all property owners with similar properties pay similar property taxes.

What are my property tax dollars used for?
The municipal portion of property taxes retained by the City are used to fund the wide variety of core services residents rely on every day, including police and fire protection, transit, roadway maintenance, utility services and waste disposal. The City bills for and collects the education property tax and remits all of it to the Province on behalf of the Public and Separate School Boards. Library tax is billed and collected and allocated for the Public Library Board.

To view your portion of municipal tax and how it was distributed in 2022 to key civic services in Saskatoon, slowly enter your street address first, and then your unit number in the easy-to-use online Property Assessment & Tax Tool

How is Education tax determined? 
The City is provincially legislated to bill and collect education property tax, and will continue to do so. The Province of Saskatchewan sets the mill rates for education property tax for all public school divisions. The Saskatoon separate school division set their own mill rates and adopted the provincial mill rates. The City does not keep education property tax for use in providing City services.

Can I appeal any portion of my property tax?
Only your assessment can be appealed during the Customer Review Period, not your property taxes. The Board of Revision ensures that your assessment is fair and equitable. If you appeal your assessment and the Board makes a change, the decision changes the property assessment value in the year of assessment only and cannot be made retroactive to previous years.


Changes to Tax Information

If you need to change any tax information on file with the City, please follow these instructions:

Change of Name

If you wish to have your new legal name displayed on the Assessment Notice and Property Tax Notice, you must submit an application and an affidavit to ISC. Forms and instructions are available at

The City of Saskatoon Assessment and Property Tax information records reflect the exact name registered at the provincial ISC office (Land Titles).

Change of Mailing Address

Contact Customer Service or the Assessment & Valuation Office at 306-975-3227 to request a mailing address change. If you own more than one property, your must request a mailing address change for each address.

School Tax Declaration: If you wish to change the allocation of your education property tax from one school board to another based on your faith, please use the forms found under the Related Documents section on this page .