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YXE Waste Tour

yxe waste tour

2020 flipped the script on us! Our team was meant to attend various events throughout Saskatoon, but they were all cancelled due to the pandemic. So, we put our creative hats on and sent the team out on the road to check in on all the great waste diversion sites throughout Saskatoon, and the YXE Waste Tour was born! A special thanks to Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council for putting this team together and helping to coordinate the tour.

  2020 Summer Edition

Video 1 - Welcome

Join us every #WasteWednesday throughout the summer as we tour around Saskatoon to learn about waste reduction and diversion opportunities. #YXEWasteTour

Video 2 - Jonah meets the Waste Wizard

Watch as Jonah is granted the knowledge of recycling and waste diversion after his spellbinding encounter with the Waste Wizard. #YXEWasteTour #YXEWasteWizard

Video 3 - Jonah and the Recycling Depots

Jonah drops in on the City's four recycling depots and learns all the dos and don'ts of recycling and depot usage. More info at #YXEWasteTour

Video 4 - Jonah and the Compost Depots

Jonah and Rowan (we think) put on their gardening hats to get the dirt on what goes on at the City Compost Depots. #YXEWasteTour

Video 5 - HHW Drop-off Days

Take a trip with Jonah and Rowan to an HHW Drop-off event in their effort to keep hazardous material out of the blue bins and the landfill. #YXEWasteTour

Video 6 - Jonah at the Landfill

Jonah suits up for a trip to the City Landfill and finds that there's much more going on out there than just seagulls and piles of garbage. #YXEWasteTour

Video 7 - Kicin' it Curbside with Loraas Recycle

Jonah, Rowan, and the Waste Wizard give us the lowdown on curbside recycling and get some important tips on contaminants and safe recycling from Alexa at the Loraas Recycle Materials Recovery Facility. #YXEWasteTour

Video 8 - Riffin' on Recycling with Cosmo

Jonah meets up with David the Recycling Manager to get schooled on multi-unit bins, recycling contamination, and the important role that Cosmopolitan Industries plays in the City's waste diversion efforts and in enriching the lives of adults with intellectual disabilities. #YXEWasteTour

Video 9 - Crushin' it at SARCAN

In this final stop on the YXE Waste Tour, Jonah cashes in at SARCAN Recycling and learns about all its amazing waste diversion efforts, including its role in the City's Household Glass Program. Hang on till the end to see Jonah's final, unusual encounter with the Waste Wizard. #YXEWasteTour

Video 10 (BONUS) - Jonah & Rowan Ask the Experts

We couldn't let you go without sharing some extra comments and tips that we gathered from our local waste reduction and diversion experts that made the #YXEWasteTour possible. Also, don't miss out on some final words and takeaways from Jonah and Rowan.

  2020 Holiday Edition

Holiday Edition: Christmas Tree Disposal

Holiday Edition: Recycling Depot Tips

Holiday Edition: Gift Wrap Recycling Tips

  Meet Jonah

JonahI am nearly 22 years old and I was raised in the small-town Springside, SK (close to Yorkton). I have been living in Saskatoon for the past 4 years while I pursue my bachelors in Environment and Society at the U of S. I’ve been taking it easy so I will eventually be a 5th year student once I return to the university. Before I do that, though, I have decided to take a year to attend Sask Polytech in Prince Albert where I will become a certified GIS technician. What that means is I will be using specialized computer mapping programs that take in geographical data and imagery from surveys, satellites, drones, etc to analyze and interpret. Using this information to produce maps that help develop more sustainable and efficient land and resource use.

Still reading? After cleaning up my last few classes at U of S, I plan to work until I can fund the start up of my own business as an independent contractor where I develop multiple services to help landowners manage their property/project site to its full potential. Once I am more established I want to introduce a guided camping adventure service! Which utilizes my mapping capabilities to take small groups on trips that help them get out and experience the hidden beauty of Saskatchewan. I have spent a lot of time in Sask backcountry and wish to share it with others.

When I was hired for this job it looked completely different. I would be going out to public events to promote waste diversion education with games and fliers. Now I have found myself as the “star” of a video series and the only film making experience I have is recording Nerf wars with my friends over a decade ago. I feel confident about what our team has been able to produce and I love criticism that is constructive, so feel free to comment! The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council and City of Saskatoon salvaged a position for me despite COVID-19 impacts and I am very grateful. I am learning a lot and developing skills I plan to use in the future; despite this summer being a chaotic turn of events, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  Meet Rowan

RowanHi, my name is Rowan. I’m studying at the University of Saskatchewan, going into my third year of university — and my first year of the B.Sc. Nutrition program!  I hope to be a registered dietitian when I’m done school.

I have interests in math, science, baking, theatre, and (luckily) audio/visual production. I’m excited to learn more about video editing during my time with the SWRC and City of Saskatoon this summer, especially because I hadn’t expected my old knowledge of cameras and sound to come in handy when I applied for my job. What a bonus to be able to do that on top of learning about the environment and all the waste and recycling services Saskatoon has to offer.

Meet the Wizard

Waste WizardHi, I'm the Waste Wizard! Many of you have relied on my supreme powers of waste diversion; helping you to sort your recycling and put your other waste in the right place. However, you don't know much else about me. I'm not from Saskatoon—in fact, I'm not of this world. Growing up, I was destined to become a wizard, but I couldn't decide what my focus would be. I always had an interest in the environment and creating a sustainable world, but it wasn't until I witnessed the alarming amounts of contamination going into our recycling stream, that I decided to focus my wizardry on waste diversion. Since becoming the Waste Wizard I have been fortunate enough to share my powers of diversion with several municipalities across Canada as well as your neighbours to the south. Although I must say that you Saskatonians have a certain charm, and your potential to make great progress in the area of waste reduction and diversion is inspiring, even to a wizard.

Keep up the great work, and feel free to drop in anytime to test my knowledge.

Waste Wizard