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YXE Waste Tour

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Born out of the pandemic, the YXE Waste Tour proved to be a great success in helping to deliver important waste and recycling education through digital means and giving residents an inside look at all the various waste diversion opportunities throughout Saskatoon. This year, Jonah is flying solo and inviting you into his home to bring you the YXE Waste Tour: Home Edition. He'll be sharing some important tips on household waste reduction and diversion. Once again, a special thanks to Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council for their help in pulling this tour together.

Check out the latest video below and click the playlist on the top right to access all the videos.


  Meet Jonah

JonahI Just wrapped up my fifth year of post-secondary schooling. I am now certified in Geographic Information System (GIS) for Resource Management from Saskatchewan Polytechnic. In this time I won two substantial scholarships with a project that aims at reducing response times to rural emergencies in Saskatchewan. I worked on this closely with my Dad who is the fire Chief of my hometown of Springside, SK as they are currently working on some collaboration to reform how surrounding departments serve their jurisdictions.  

I still have a few more classes at the University of Saskatchewan to clean up my BSc. Environment and Society, but hoping to get those done within the next year or so depending on my job situation.

After more than a year of remotely working and learning, I’ve become much more aware of what skills I want to develop and how important it is to be a part of an organization you’re proud of. Working with the City of Saskatoon and the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council (SWRC) has been my saving grace during these uncertain times. I am keen to keep improving my videography and GIS mapping skills and applying them to whatever comes next. Whether it is a job in my field, finishing up my studies, or further developing that fire department project.

Meet the Wizard

Waste WizardHi, I'm the Waste Wizard! Many of you have relied on my supreme powers of waste diversion; helping you to sort your recycling and put your other waste in the right place. However, you don't know much else about me. I'm not from Saskatoon—in fact, I'm not of this world. Growing up, I was destined to become a wizard, but I couldn't decide what my focus would be. I always had an interest in the environment and creating a sustainable world, but it wasn't until I witnessed the alarming amounts of contamination going into our recycling stream, that I decided to focus my wizardry on waste diversion. Since becoming the Waste Wizard I have been fortunate enough to share my powers of diversion with several municipalities across Canada as well as your neighbours to the south. Although I must say that you Saskatonians have a certain charm, and your potential to make great progress in the area of waste reduction and diversion is inspiring, even to a wizard.

Keep up the great work, and feel free to drop in anytime to test my knowledge.

Waste Wizard