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Cannabis License

Different orders of government and government agencies are responsible for different aspects of cannabis legalization, regulation and enforcement. 

The federal government's Cannabis Act (Bill C-45)  provides legal access to cannabis and controls and regulates its production, distribution and sale.  Under the Cannabis Act, each province has the ability to set its own rules for cannabis.  

The Cannabis Control (Saskatchewan) Act (Bill 121), passed by the provincial government, sets forth the rules and regulations for cannabis use in Saskatchewan.  The Cannabis Control (Saskatchewan) Act strictly prohibits the consumption of cannabis in a public place.  This means cannabis may only be consumed on private property.  The City's Bylaw No. 8286, The Smoking Control Bylaw, 2004, has been amended to reflect this. 

The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA) is responsible for regulating the industry in the province, including permitting and monitoring the operation of local wholesalers and retailers, as well as working with the federal government and other provinces and territories to track cannabis as it moves through the supply chain.  In Saskatoon, seven businesses have been awarded the opportunity to receive cannabis retail store permits should they meet all of the permitting conditions set out by SLGA.  Cannabis retail stores must be standalone operations, selling only federally licensed cannabis, cannabis accessories and ancillary items as defined by SLGA.  For a list of all of the licensed cannabis retail stores in Saskatoon, consult SLGA's list of cannabis retailers.  

The Saskatoon Police Service is responsible for enforcing all federal and provincial cannabis laws, as well as the City's Smoking Control Bylaw.

The City is responsible for regulations related to land use and business activity within the city.  Cannabis retail, wholesale and production facility locations are subject to the City’s municipal zoning and licensing bylaws.

Cannabis Business Zoning

On June 25, 2018, City Council approved amendments to Bylaw No. 8770, Zoning Bylaw, to regulate cannabis-related businesses.   The regulations provide accommodation for cannabis retail stores and cannabis production facilities to be established in Saskatoon, while ensuring they are appropriately separated from sensitive land uses such as elementary and high schools, parks, community centres, public libraries and child care centres. 

Cannabis retail stores are permitted uses in B3, B4, B4A, B4MX, B5, B5B, B5C, B6, MX1, MX2, IL1 and IH zoning districts, provided they meet all separation distance requirements. Cannabis production facilities are permitted uses in IL1 and IH zoning districts, and are also required to meet separation distance requirements.

Cannabis Business Licenses

Also on June 25, 2018, City Council passed Bylaw No. 9525, The Cannabis License Bylaw. The Bylaw includes provisions similar to those that apply to other businesses in the city, with additional regulations for cannabis retailers and production facilities. The intent of the Cannabis License Bylaw is to provide tools to regulate the operation of cannabis-related businesses in Saskatoon. This includes specific provisions that will assist with the enforcement of unauthorized cannabis-related businesses and will ensure that the health, safety and welfare of Saskatoon residents is maintained. Initial license fees for cannabis retail stores and cannabis production facilities are $4,500. Annual renewal fees are $85, and if a cannabis-related business changes location, the license fee is $125.  

In September 2020, SLGA removed the cap on the number of cannabis retail stores permitted to operate in Saskatchewan. In light of this change, a process guide for how to apply for new cannabis retail store permits in Saskatoon has been developed, and is available here

The application form for cannabis retail stores and cannabis production facilities is available here. Once the form has been completed, it can be mailed to our office with a cheque or it can be submitted by e-mail, and one of our staff will arrange to receive the license fee payment. Both mailing information and the Business License Program e-mail address are available on the second page of the application form. 

Businesses operating a cannabis retail store shall ensure that windows on any street frontage on the premises are not blocked by translucent or opaque material, artwork, posters, shelving, display cases or similar elements.

Signs or advertisements which are visible from outside of the business may only display the business name or alpha-numeric characters


  • Farmer Jane Cannabis Co. (1526 8th Street E)
  • Farmer Jane Cannabis Co. (150 - 1804 McOrmond Drive)
  • Farmer Jane Cannabis Co. (2401 Preston Ave S - Unit 15)
  • Fire and Flower Cannabis Co. (13 - 531 Nelson Road)
  • Fire and Flower Cannabis Co. (140 - 220 Betts Avenue)
  • Fire & Flower Cannabis Co. (130 - 402 2nd Ave North)
  • Fire & Flower Cannabis Co. (214 Stonebridge Blvd Suite 20)
  • In N Out Cannabis Corp (320 - 2600 8th Street East)
  • Inspired Cannabis Co (447 - 3310 8th Street East)
  • Kiaro (212 20th Street West)
  • Living Skies Cannabis (208 3rd Avenue South)
  • Living Skies Cannabis (2834 Millar Ave)
  • Living Skies Cannabis (P - 3322 Fairlight Drive)
  • Living Skies Cannabis (114 - 3501 8th Street East)
  • Lucid Cannabis (10 1015 Worobetz Place)
  • Potty Mouth Cannabis ( A 715 2nd Ave North)
  • Prairie Records (720 Broadway Avenue)
  • Prairie Records (170-3020 Preston Avenue South)
  • Prairie Cannabis (1002 8th Street E)
  • Prairie Cannabis (4 - 604 22nd Street W)
  • Spiritleaf (122 21st Street E)
  • Spiritleaf (15 - 7 Assiniboine Drive)
  • Spiritleaf (45 - 137 Gibson Bend)
  • The Joint Cannabis Shop (A 1216 Idylwyld Drive N)
  • The Joint Cannabis Shop (60 622 Circle Dr E)
  • The Joint Cannabis Shop (1244 Baltzan - Unit 55)
  • The Hit Pit (904 Central Ave)
  • The Pot Shack (3-1115 Grosvenor Avenue)
  • The Pot Shack (110 - 801 51st Street East)
  • Tumbleweed Cannabis (815 Gray Ave Suite B1)
  • Tweed (143 2nd Avenue North)
  • Tweed (30 - 3012 8th St E )

    As of May 26, 2022, 10 development permits for additional cannabis retail stores have been approved.

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