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2022/2023 Multi-Year Budget


2022/2023 Multi-Year Business Plan and Budget Timeline of Events/Minutes Summary 

Learn more about the demographic, development, economic, environmental, and social issues and trends in Saskatoon in the 2021 Strategic Trends report.

The 2022/2023 Multi-Year Business Plan and Budget (MYBB) remains inspired by the core idea of investing in civic services and service levels, programs and projects valued by the citizens we serve.  Now, more than ever, the City must go beyond conventional approaches to plan for the 2022/2023 Budget and meet the financial challenges as a result of COVID-19.

  • We remain committed to planning ahead and providing residents with greater certainty about the future direction of property tax. 
  • We keep Saskatoon residents at the forefront of our budget planning through investment decisions in the priorities, services and programs that matter most. 
  • We are focused on our long-term goal to manage the City in a smart, sustainable way through continuous improvement, pursuing innovation, finding efficiencies year over year, and a dedication to maximizing service value for tax dollars.
  • We are dedicated to pursuing alternate revenue streams to reduce the reliance on property tax.
  • We manage both risk and debt appropriately.
2022/2023 Multi-Year Budget Planning Process

The City of Saskatoon is preparing its second multi-year budget, and now, during a global pandemic. Despite the uncertainty as to when restrictions are lifted and people respond to a post-pandemic environment, the City Administration will follow the same key steps as for the previous two-year MYBB process as follows:

1.       The Administration will develop the cost to maintain existing services such as expenditure growth, inflation, and revenue estimates. This step is also used for administrative priorities such as correction of base budgets and phase-in of funding plans.

2.       The Administration will provide a summary of the information from Step 1 to the Governance and Priorities Committee so that an indicative rate (property tax target) can be set by City Council.

3.       The Administration will use cross-divisional teams to discuss City Council’s strategic priorities and develop options to achieve these priorities.

4.       The Administration will present a list of Business Plan Options to City Council for prioritization.

Setting the indicative municipal property tax rate for the next two years is an important first building block in the development of the City’s multi-year business plan and budget. The indicative rate guides the Administration in preparing the budget by allocating resources to the services, programs and initiatives that help achieve Council’s strategic priorities. 

It is important to remember that setting the indicative rate is only the first budget building step - this step is not to finalize the property tax rates. 




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