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Environmental Grant


The competition for the 2022 Environmental Grant Program is now closed. Please return to this page for 2023 Grant information.

Environmental Grant

Funding is available to non-profit organizations implementing initiatives that support the City of Saskatoon's strategic goal of Environmental Leadership. Initiatives prioritized for funding in 2022 included those that:

  • improve energy and water efficiencies;
  • increase awareness and protection of our water resources;
  • reduce the amount of waste going to landfills;
  • provide stewardship, education and/or enhancements to the green network;
  • encourage active transportation; and
  • provide learning opportunities that support the City's environmental goals.
2022 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the successful applicants of the 2022 Environmental Grant Program:

  • Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin ($3,730): Host a virtual two-day conference in October to focus on the threats and vulnerabilities facing the Saskatchewan River Basin
  • Safe Drinking Water Foundation ($1,700): Collect pH. TDS and temperature data and shipment of Operation Water Pollution kits to schools and individuals in the South Saskatchewan River area
  • Saskatoon Zoo Society ($3,800): Support citizen science environmental projects at summer zoo camp 2022 that are designed to educate children about nature; allowing them to explore, question and think critically
  • 25th Street Theatre ($3,000): Promote active transport, renewable energy resources, and environmental stewardship within the community through the 2022 Saskatoon Fringe Festival with solar power and bike valet service
  • Bridge City Bicycle Co-operative ($10,000): The project aims to increase redistribution of bicycles from the Saskatoon Regional Waste Management Centre by enhancing its efforts in community outreach to economically disadvantaged youth and adults
  • Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc. ($4,100): Engaging public for the City Nature Challenge CNC YXE DNU, Arbor Week, Janes Walk, the 50th Anniversary of World Environmental Day June 5th
  • Saskatoon Cycles ($10,000): Bike Valet that provides safe, secure and cost free parking for bicycles at large festivals and other major community events
  • Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan ($5,250): Host Wild about Saskatoons' Pollinator Paradise YXE which promotes the "rewilding" of yards, boulevards, parks and other urban spaces through the restoration of native plants
  • Wild Sky Adventure Learning Incorporated ($10,000): To help provide camps that educate children on community building and environmental stewardship and offer up to 4 free or subsidized spaces out of every 12 for any given day 
  • Saskatoon Public Schools($4,250): Ground mount a solar installation at Tommy Douglas Collegiate for students to build and learn from
  • SOS Trees Coalition ($900): To support Arbor Week 2022 which will provide promote and engage protection, enhancement and responsible use of our urban forest and natural areas. Through the expanded QR code Tree Tour, they will provide the opportunity for people to learn the how-to fo tree planting
  • Bethlehem Catholic High School($750): A student led initiative hoping to divert waste (masks) from the landfill and repurpose them
  • South Saskatchewan River Watershed ($1,500): Track plastics in the Saskatoon area of the South Saskatchewan River by utilizing trash tracking apps