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Green Strategy

Green Strategy

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Maintaining a healthy, sustainable city requires that we consider the ways in which we interact with our natural environment and manage our impacts appropriately. This is especially important as the city grows, as we replace old infrastructure and as we increase density in established areas.

Overall, the Green Strategy (Strategy) will strive to ensure all residents have access to a network of high quality, multifunctional, seamlessly integrated green spaces. In order to achieve this, the Strategy will:

  • Ensure protection of natural areas and other green and open spaces as important infrastructure and part of a valuable ecological system.
  • Optimize the existing green network to make the most efficient use of existing natural assets and open spaces.
  • Integrate storm water management, natural areas protection and land use planning, shifting development practices to achieve a new balance between ecological and human needs to achieve enhanced community sustainability and quality of life.
  • Connect residents to nature and nurture an appreciation of natural assets.
  • Conserve biodiversity through the identification and conservation of natural areas and by increasing their interconnections.
  • Maintain ecologically and culturally important land and water systems.
  • Assist in the sustainable use of natural resource land and economically important open space.
  • Study, define and plan for lands suited for parks, corridors and green spaces.

The Strategy will be developed in two phases:

Phase 1:  Baseline Inventory (Spring 2018)

Phase 1 of the Strategy included gathering information about the City’s existing green spaces to establish the baseline Green Infrastructure Network (Network), and identified areas that need to be strengthened. Ten guiding principles were drafted to outline what the Strategy strives to achieve. Thirty-two key finding highlight vulnerabilities to the Network as well as opportunities that could benefit the Network. These findings will inform the options and recommendations that will be developed in Phase 2.

Green Strategy Baseline Inventory Report

Phase 2:  Desired State and Implementation Strategy (Spring 2020)

Results of Phase II will be combined to form an overall business case and proposed action plan for developing the desired Green Network for the city. This involves:

  • Public engagement
  • Identifying options for addressing key findings identified in Phase I and other issues that arise from engagement.
  • Developing ideas for policy and projects that align with the guiding principles.
  • Developing business cases and implementation plans for change, including key performance indicators.
  • Prioritizing actions to achieve the desired state.

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