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COVID-19: Update on changes to programs and services

For immediate release: March 20, 2020 - 5:10pm

We are constantly reassessing pandemic developments to ensure the safety and well-being of staff and citizens.  We have also continued to reassess the way we deliver public services to keep staff and residents safe when we are out in the community and in light of the decision to close City Hall and civic facilities.

Temporary changes to Saskatoon Pay Parking Zones

Effective immediately payment is no longer required in any City of Saskatoon designated pay parking zones in Saskatoon. In addition, motorists will not be required to adhere to posted time limits in these zones. This is to encourage residents to stay in place and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Important information:

  • Parking lots operated by private operators are not exempted from pay parking unless otherwise indicated at the lot.
  • FlexParking stations and the Way to Park app will be reprogrammed to indicate that payment is not required, however this may take some time. The City will not be able to reimburse payment to people who pay for parking while such work is being completed.

Public safety-related parking restrictions remain in effect to maintain emergency access and traffic flow including:

  • No Stopping signs
  • No Parking signs
  • Accessible Parking signs
  • Fire Hydrants   (maintain one metre from the centre of a fire hydrant)
  • No parking within 10 metres of an intersection
  • No parking in alleys unless active loading/unloading is taking place.

Saskatoon Transit Service will be modified effective Monday, as follows: 

  • No university extras
  • No high school extras
  • Three (3) High Frequency Corridors (HFC) include the 8’s & 80’s (8th Street), 60’s (22nd Street) and 4’s & 40’s (University Heights)
    • will have 15 minute frequency Monday - Friday from start of day until approx. 7:00PM
    • after 7:00PM service will go to 30 minute frequency
    • will have 30 minute frequency Saturday & Sunday all day
  • All other routes (excluding HFC)
    • will have 30 minute frequency from start of day until approximately 7:00PM
    • after 7:00PM service will go to 60 minute frequency
  • Sunday service
    • HFC will have 30 minute frequency all day
    • All other routes will have 60 minute frequency
  • Service may be added when possible to routes experiencing “full buses” and service may be removed from routes with empty buses, based on operational need

Transit will also monitor where full, standing room only buses are and try to put extra service onto those routes to enable people to maintain appropriate social distance. 

To assist with social distancing, Access Transit is scheduling direct trips as much as possible.

Waste Collections

A core service, waste collections continue as scheduled. During this time, residents are asked to help protect the health and safety of our staff and partners and reduce the spread of the virus by following these guidelines:

  • Bag your garbage
  • Ensure accessible cart placement (1.2 metres (4 feet) of unobstructed space on all sides) to avoid the need for drivers to handle the cart.
  • Do NOT overfill carts or leave loose items on the ground
  • Do NOT place used tissues and napkins in your cart or bin as they can become wind-blown when the lid opens during collection
  • If you’re sick: place ANY item that has come into contact with your mouth, nose or eyes into your bagged garbage – even items that residents may normally place into your blue cart or bin (e.g. water/beverage bottles, pop cans, milk/juice cartons, etc.).
Landfill Payments

Beginning Monday, March 23, the City will stop accepting cash transactions at the Landfill to help reduce the spread of the virus.  Credit and debit card payments will remain available, as well as direct invoicing options for those haulers who have commercial accounts with the City.

Household Hazardous Waste Day

The upcoming Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Drop-off Day scheduled for Sunday, April 5 has been cancelled. If residents have HHW material that must be dealt with urgently, and if the situation permits, residents can consult the Waste Wizard to find other means of safe disposal for this material. If residents intend on dropping off materials at businesses that accept HHW, please contact them first to ensure they are open and in a position to accept them.

Purchasing Services

Purchasing Services is now closed to the public, meaning the City will no longer accepting paper or hard copy bid submissions. Starting March 19, the City will be begin accepting email bid submissions. Email bid submissions must meet the requirements within the solicitation document.

Projects currently posted on SaskTenders will have specific instructions issued via Addenda and include information and directions for successful bid submission. 

Any new projects posted to SaskTenders by the City will have the updated bid submission requirements within the solicitation document.

Bylaw Court Closed

All City Bylaw matters set for Court will not be heard between March 23 and May 31. Defendants do not need to do anything at this time, and no convictions of defendants will occur during the Bylaw Court closure.

The City will be reviewing these matters and will contact defendants or publish a notice. For more information, contact the City Solicitor's Office directly at 306-975-3270 or by email at

Updates will continue to be provided at and at