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Consultation Summary: Fall 2017

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Thank you to everyone that participated in all of our engagement events in Fall 2017!  In the workshops and at the public open house we have heard that our City is passionate about change, and that people want to talk about how a new Transit System supported by Bus Rapid Transit will help us achieve our Plan for Growth.  HDR has presented a strong path forward, but this is just the start.  As a City we have lots of great conversations ahead of us - we have to do this together as a community."  Lesley Anderson, Director of Planning & Development


​Bus Rapid Transit is a new type of transit service for Saskatoon that will help connect you from where you are to where you want to be. It forms the backbone of a transit system built around frequent, direct transit links.


Relationship To Plan For Growth

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Transit System Plan Hierarchy

Project Background

Saskatoon needs a variety of transportation options in order to meet the needs of a city of 500,000.  The Transit Plan charts a course to get Saskatoon’s transit system ready for this growth by making transit an attractive option for current and future residents. The plan includes the introduction of a Bus Rapid Transit system, and identifies changes needed to the current system to support high-frequency, direct service along the city’s major corridors. In turn, this will support transit-oriented development that will make efficient use of existing infrastructure.

WHY BRT? (Transit Plan Fact Cards)

Starting January 2018, the City of Saskatoon will be rolling out a series of social-media "fact cards" related to its Transit Plan.  These facts are part of the City's Let's Talk Growth engagement campaign, designed to encourage conversation around the various Plan for Growth projects.  Let us know what matters to you - tell us using #GrowYXE - we're listening!  The information highlighted in this campaign is directly related to a comprehensive cost-benefit study which the City of Saskatoon is nearing completion on.  Learn how you can join the conversation.

BRT Fact Card - #1 - 52,000 residents live within walking distance of the proposed Bus Rapid Transit corridors.

BRT Fact Card #2 - One bus with 30 passengers is equivalent to 27 cars along the same route

BRT Fact Card #3 - Cities with higher transit ridership are healthier.

BRT Fact Card #3 - The cost of owning and operating a vehicle averages $11,000 per year compared to $913 for an annual Saskatoon Transit adult pass.

BRT Fact Card #5 - The BRT will operate every 10 minutes during peak periods compared to an average 30-minute bus frequency today.

BRT Fact Card #6 - Average transit travel times will decrease by 10-15% with Bus Rapid Transit.

BRT Fact Card #7 - Bus Rapid Transit stations may include: passenger shelters  with radient heat, real-time schedule info, security cameras, free public wifi

BRT Fact Card #8 - Updated traffic signals along the Bus Rapid Transit corridors will improve both car and transit travel times.

Project Timeline
  • August 2017
    • RFP Awarded to HDR Inc. to begin functional planning and design for future transit system.
  • August to November 2017
    • Validating the BRT system concept and identifying a "preferred configuration"
  • December 2017 to February 2018
    • Stakeholder engagement and refinement of the BRT Functional Plan, Station Design, Transit Network Plan, Park and Ride Strategy, and Implementation Plan
  • Spring 2018
    • ​Completion of BRT Functional Plan and Detailed Design
  • Summer / Fall 2018
    • ​Potential BRT Preliminary Work (survey, utility locates, geo-technical work, etc.)

Anticipated Engagement Opportunities
  • December 2017
    • Nov 30-Dec 15, 2017 - Online Survey - Future Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) & Transit System Plan
    • Dec 5, 2017 - Stakeholder Workshops
    • Dec 6, 2017 - Public Open House / Come & Go Event
  • Winter 2017 - 2018
    • Feb 1 - 16, 2018 - Online Survey
    • Feb 7-8, 2018 - Stakeholder Workshops
    • Feb 7, 2018 - Public Open House / Come & Go Event

Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF)

Funding for this project is provided through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) from the Government of Canada and the City of Saskatoon.  To learn more visit Infrastructure Canada.

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