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Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

The most popular activities to do at the Leisure Centres and outdoor pools are swimming, having fun in the water and taking lessons.  Here are a few of the common questions that are asked about swimming pools, public swimming and aquatic programs:

Where can I swim?

Facility Features
Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre
  • 8-lane Competitive Pool
  • Diving Boards & Platforms
  • 6-lane Warm-Up Pool
  • Tot Pool with Spray Features
  • Hot Tubs & Sauna
Lakewood Civic Centre
  • 0-depth Leisure Pool
  • Water Features with 150 ft Waterslide
  • Hot Tub & Sauna
Lawson Civic Centre
  • 0-depth Wave Pool
  • Water Features
  • Hot Tub & Sauna
Shaw Centre
  • 10-lane High Performance Competitive Pool
  • Diving Boards & Platforms
  • 6-lane Warm-Up Pool
  • Family Pool with Waterslide & Water Features
  • Portable Aquatic Lift
  • Family & Adult Hot Tubs
Outdoor Pools  (Summer)
  • George Ward Pool
  • Lathey Pool
  • Mayfair Pool
  • Riversdale Pool
Paddling Pools  (Summer)
  • FREE
  • Many locations across the city!


What does it cost to swim?

For drop-in swimming at a Leisure Centre or Outdoor Pool, you can pay by General Admission, Bulk Tickets or a LeisureCard. Visit Leisure Centre Admission Rates & Options or Outdoor Pools for admission rates.  

What are the types of public swims?

  • Public Swim - Open swimming time for everyone (without school groups in attendance).
  • Lane Swim - Self-directed swimming workout for fitness.
  • Family Swim - Time to enjoy the pool with families only.
  • Parent & Tot Swim - Pool time restricted to parents with children under 6.

Where can I find the public swim (drop-in) schedules?

View the latest public swim schedules and drop-in aquatic programs, such as Aqua Fitness and Aqua Walk, on Leisure Online.

How do I find and register for swimming lessons?

All indoor and outdoor pools offer registered Red Cross Swim lessons for all ages and skill levels.  Stroke improvement and private swim lessons are available at select pools.  These programs require pre-registration and payment of a class fee.

Swimming lesson sets begin at the start of Spring (April), Summer (July), Fall (September) and Winter (January) and generally run for 4-10 weeks depending on the structure of the class.

Leisure Online allows you to view and register for swimming lessons at your convenience 24/7.  Read the latest edition of the Leisure Guide to learn more about the many swimming lesson opportunities available for you and your family.

How do I become a lifeguard at the pools?

Dive into a new career!  Learn more on how to become a lifeguard for the indoor and outdoor pools operated by the City of Saskatoon.  Lifeguards receive competitive pay and a flexible work schedule in addition to a number of other unique perks.

Can I rent a pool?

Yes you can!  Pools are available for private, school, corporate and sport group rentals.

How is the water treated?

Providing swimming pool water that is safe and comfortable is important to the City. To maintain water quality as comfortable as possible for patrons and to render harmless any bacteria and viruses may enter the pool, a combination of chlorine and UV (ultraviolet light) exposure is used at City-operated swimming pools.

Other important tips to know...

  • The best life preserver for your child is YOU! To help children stay safe in and around the water, the City requires that all participants comply with the following policy: “For every two children under the age of six, there must be one adult or responsible youth (16 years or older) within arm’s length, supervising the children's water play and activity.”
  • Infants and toddlers participating in water play must wear an appropriate swim diaper.