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Brownfield Renewal Strategy

Brownfield Construction

Abandoned, vacant, derelict, underutilized properties shouldn't stop revitalization. Let’s understand what’s below the surface, and see the opportunities they present. Let’s support redevelopment of these sites to maximize their potential, and revitalize our corridors.

Project Background

The Brownfield Renewal Strategy is essential to Corridor Growth.  This initiative aims to assess and prioritize redevelopment potential of abandoned, vacant, derelict, or underutilized properties along the City’s major corridors that may have or do have perceptions of contamination. The results of the evaluation will lead to the formulation of an incentive program that will help overcome financial and environmental barriers for redevelopment, as well as provide contamination management plans for future development.

Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF)

Funding for this project is provided through the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) from the Government of Canada and the City of Saskatoon.  To learn more visit Infrastructure Canada.

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