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Brownfield Renewal Strategy

Brownfield Construction

Abandoned, vacant, derelict, underutilized properties shouldn't stop revitalization. Let’s understand what’s below the surface, and see the opportunities they present. Let’s support redevelopment of these sites to maximize their potential, and revitalize our corridors.

The Brownfield Renewal Strategy is essential to Corridor Growth. This initiative aims to assess and prioritize redevelopment potential of abandoned, vacant, derelict, or underutilized properties along Saskatoon’s major corridors that may have or do have perceptions of contamination. The overall goal of the Brownfield Renewal Strategy is to reduce the number of brownfields in the city by increasing development potential within targeted areas of the city. The Strategy is developing with the Corridor Growth and Bus Rapid Transit initiatives.

The information gathering phase (Phase 1) of this project was completed in 2019, and was funded through a combination of Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) and Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Fund. The City of Saskatoon is currently progressing with the program development phase (Phase 2) of this project.